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   Chapter 34 NO.34

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The angry, arguing voices of Danny and Harold drift throughout the living room where they fled to when Dominic had given them a nod. After Dominic's talk, I seem to have calmed down enough to tell him that he should get to finishing the draught as soon as possible so that we can spend more time together but from what I'm hearing right now, it is clear that I won't be calm for much longer.

"I don't understand, " Harold sighs heavily, pacing in front of Danny. "You basically just told her that you were going to kill her and that you have lied to her for most of her life and she's not only forgiven you but she's also going to help you get your parents back. She didn't even react when you told her that her mother killed herself and the mother that she's grown up to know is just another person who is willing to try to kill her without any hesitation no matter what has happened in the last sixteen years of her life. It all seems very suspicious to me."

I didn't even think of reacting to hearing that piece of information...the only thing in my head was to save his parents...

"Harold, Victoria is just being who she is, " Danny soothes, watching his mate pace in front of him with a ghost of an amused smile on his face. "You said it yourself before that she is too good for her own good. If I were her, and not to mention she's also pregnant, I would have killed you on the spot the minute you finished explaining everything. I wouldn't even care if you had a mate or not but she didn't. She forgave me."

"What if she's just using you?" Harold argues insistently, his arms akimbo. "She is the main reason why there is going to be a war between all the Gods and she is also the reason why you've been parentless for such a long time. You said it yourself, she's pregnant but you forget whose child she's pregnant with. That thing growing inside of her is just another reason to target her even stronger."

The silence for

r her face despite her eyes still being pitch black. A loud scream of terror leaves my lips when she suddenly turns around, grabs another doll that was bent over the 'dead' doll on the floor.

"Who do you dolls work for?" She hisses, tightening her hold around the doll's body as it struggles to get out of her hold. "You will not have me believe that you only have one master. Tell me who!"

The doll's wide slit mouth spreads out in a wide scary smirk as a malicious laugh leaves its mouth at Annie's words. A scream of horror leaves my lips when the doll rears its head back far enough to break it's own neck, Annie curses and discards the body into the open kitchen flame.

Grabbing my arm, Annie mumbles some words as she drags me through the house and the scenery around us shifts and changes to that of pure white marble. With an iron grip on my arm, Annie jogs up the stairs of a grand staircase that mimics the one that was on the Titanic but about three times larger.

Stumbling behind her, I nearly trip over the luxurious carpet under my feet when she suddenly releases me to push the double white pained doors open with a loud bang.

"HONEY, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!" She yells as she struts into the room. "DEMETRI!!!!!!!!" I guess, I'm now at Annie's home now...

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