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   Chapter 33 NO.33

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To be honest, it was easier said than done. This rescue mission of ours. Sure, we had the idea to break into the strongest holding facility in the world to rescue two people but what none of us could figure out was how we're going to leave the facility in one piece.

The holding facility is easily six hundred feet below the surface, apparently, the only way in is through the main building which resides on top of it. Going in is easy enough, forging identities is something Danny has done since he was eleven but getting out with our escapees is nearly an impossible task.

"There are guards everywhere and the place is magicless, " Danny explains, conjuring up a holographic image of the place. "Some guy was threatened into making the entire holding facility to be totally barren of any magical sustenance. So, say we do manage to get to them, how are we going to leave? The guards will know that we're leaving with more people than when we enter."

All of us are quite as we try to come up with ideas on escaping, sitting up, my fist hits my palm in sudden eureka, I propose softly, "Dominic and Annie are gods, can't they swoop in and transport them out?"

Murmurs of agreement go around the group, except, Dominic bursts my bubble, "We can only do that if the person we're transporting knows that we are Gods. I'm not sure a warlock and his mate will be too willing to accept on the spot that Annie and I are Gods there to save them. They might even assume we're there as a ruse."

Once again, we fall back into silence for a while until I come up with a very drastic and dangerous idea.

"We kill them, " I pique up, looking around hesitantly. "I mean, I came back from the dead...and...if we can some

ng that we're going to have a baby...I'm scared, " I admit, holding myself as I step towards the hearth of hellfire. "What, when the war begins...what's going to happen to us if we lose? What if they kill our baby? What if I lose you?"

It doesn't take long before he's behind me, his arms wrap around my shoulders, overshadowing my body as he rests his chin on the top of my head. The warmth of the hellfire and his scent makes me relax a little and for a second, it seems that everything is really going to be alright.

"Everything will be okay, " He says softly, tightening his arms around me. "We'll save the warlock's parents, go to the harvest festival together and have this baby. We both know the war cannot be avoided with these open threats and of course, your murder but we can choose what to do with the time before the war. I choose to spend that time with you."

"I love you so much Dominic, " I whimper, trembling with emotion from his words. "I really do."

Chuckling softly, I feel his lips press into the crown of my head, "I know. We're going to get through this. I promise."

I hope we do...

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