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   Chapter 32 NO.32

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Destroying the image of Dominic to everyone who knows him is their first move. If the pictures get out, Dominic will not be spared, in fact, people will pity me and hate him for forcing me into giving him the other half of his powers.

To make it worse...I'm pregnant.

He will be seen as corrupted, power hungry and evil. It will totally banish whatever benefit of doubt anyone in Olympus has for him in a split second.

"Toria, it's alright, " Dominic tries to soothe me, rubbing circles in my back. "They want you to feel mad, they want to see you hurting because of me. Don't give them the satisfaction of getting to you. Please?"

"How are you so calm about this?" I lament, pointing to the raging hellfire where the ashes of the damned letter and the pictures rest. "In order for the pictures to not be spread, they 'humbly requested' that you attend the Harvest Festival with me and that we don't have any tricks up our sleeves. They are basically asking us to go to war unarmed so that they'll have the upper hand!"

Clearly, Dominic already knows this but I can't help but mention it outside his mind, it's so unfair. I went to him willingly that night when I was clearly told not to, I made the choice to go to comfort him while he was in pain. I made that choice without knowing what was to come after.

Now, the person I wanted to help is going to pay the price of my actions.

My actions.

"Victoria, it's alright, " He repeats, squishing my face between his hands, making my lips turn into fish lips. "We just have to come up with a new defence plan. With your brother and his mate on our side, we are not short of plans if things truly boil down to a fight."

"Yeah, Tori, " Danny chips in, moving towards us. "Warlocks have been known to break into the realm of the Gods since ancient times. We're like annoying pests that they created."

"I can assure you my kind will be willing to help Lord Hades, " Harold adds, scratching the back of his neck. "We were once made to serve and transport the Gods but we became enemies a little bit after we realised there is much more to our lives than servitude and slavery. Though he is a God, you're a good man just fighting for the peace that you deserve. That's all that matters to us."

"That rule was set by my grandmother, " Dominic sighs, looking

mories I had of us, I couldn't kill you. I still can't. I might have lied to you for the most of your life but please Victoria...all I ask of you now is to just look at me at least. If you want to kill me right now I'd understand. If you hate me for the rest of my life..."

"Who said I hate you?" I murmur, breaking my eyes away from the flames as I turn my head to look at the two men opposite me. "You did what you had to do to survive. I get it. Now what I want to do is find a way to save your parents."

"What?" Harold gapes at me, his mouth open.

"You heard me, Halfling, " I say, my voice growing stronger and colder as the thought of the Covenant holding a someone's family against them makes my blood boil. "Before the Harvest Festival. We need to deal with The Covenant."

"Spoken like the true Queen of Heaven and Hell, " Dominic praises, appearing behind me. "I too have a bone to pick with them now. They dared to mess with my research."

"Seriously brother?" Annie sighs, delicately massaging her temples with her fingers. "That's what you're angry about?"

"That and some, " Dominic replies, scooping me out of my seat and into his arms. "I did say before that if anyone messes with my family they are asking for the horns."

"Jeez, you said that many millenniums ago when Dion and I got married, " She groans irritatedly, rolling her eyes. "Well, I guess I'll have o tell Dion that I won't be home till the Harvest Festival. You're going to need all the help you're going to get if you want to do this rescue mission."

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