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   Chapter 31 NO.31

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The word repeats itself over and over again in my head as I try to take in the news. I. Am. Pregnant. Me, Victoria Jane Heavenly, is pregnant with Hades or Dominic Hunter who is also known as my mate, child.

Everything moves in slow motion as Danny lunges forward, his hand balled tightly into a fist as he rears his arm backwards aiming for Dominic's face. Harold his mate does nothing but watch the scene play out in front of his, his eyes static as if he knows better than to intervene, Too bad I didn't get that memo.

Danny's fist lands in the palm of my hand, my knuckles brushing Dominic's nose for a second before I throw Danny to the other side of the sitting room where his body whacks the wall with a loud thwack before he slides down to the floor.

"DANIEL JOHNATHAN HEAVENLY! STOP THIS NONSENSE RIGHT NOW!" I yell at him, my body trembling slightly as I come to terms with what I just did.

His eyes are livid as he charges towards us, his hands glowing and spitting sparks as he begins muttering some words under his breath, maintaining his eye contact with Dominic, Bracing myself for the hit of his spell, I am surprised when the glow and sparks coming out of his hands suddenly disappear and he is just stalking towards us muttering his words.

As if he were pushing someone away, Danny flings his hands in front of him, palms open and his eyes closed.

Nothing happens.

Puzzled, Danny tries once more and once again.


"Wha-What? I don't understand, " He stutters, looking at his hands worriedly. "Harold?"

The man just shrugs in response though he shares the same worried expression as his mate. Squeezing my side fats, I turn to glare at Dominic but I am stunned to see that he is grinning like a little boy on Chrismas morning and instantly I know what he did.

"Doofus, " Annie scoffs, rolling her eyes as my brother and his mate's attention is snapped towards her. "He is the King of Heaven and Hell, what made you think that you can use the gifts he created for your kind on him?"

A look of anger crosses Danny's face but he swallows his anger when Dominic steps forward, slowly approaching him. The loss of his presence by my side makes me feel a little cold but I know that it's up

l is called Masha. She is the sweetest reject of mankind I know so don't you disrespect her by calling her a doll, halfling."

"Halfling, " Harold breathes out stunned that I'd call him the word meant for his kind. "Well, I'll give you credit for knowing the term my kind is known as."

Rolling my eyes at his weak response, I turn to Dominic who seems rather tense as he looks over the papers in his hand. As if he sensed my gaze on him, he lifts his head up to meet my eyes and his dark gaze is all that I need to go over to him to take the papers.

My eyes scan over the typed out words, reading them words for word, shifting the papers to see the pictures the writer mentions. The blood in my veins begins to boil as the well-taken pictures of Dominic and me during my marking graces my eyes.

In anger, I cross over to the fireplace, opening the metal gates to let the hellfire lick the edges of the rug for a few seconds before I feed it the papers. I watch with a little satisfaction as the paper immediately turns to ash.

"Who?" I growl lowly, my eyes focused solely on the lapping tongues of the hellfire. "Dominic who?"


I don't even have to look into a mirror to know my eyes are the darkest shade of black. My heart pounds in my ears as the blood rushes to my head, the only thing I feel is the want to hurt the man who just threatened to send the pictures of my marking to everyone in Olympus.

If this isn't a discreet call for war.

I don't know what is.

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