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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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Sitting on Dominic's lap as Danny and Harold sit opposite us in the living room with the soft crackling of the hellfire in the hearth filling the silence of the room. My eyes can't meet Danny's and I can feel his gaze searching my face which makes sitting opposite him very difficult.

"So as we are here, " Dominic starts, clearing his throat to get my brother's attention. "Do say what you know, warlock."

Squeezing my thigh softly as Danny begins to recount what he saw, Dominic comfortingly allows me to lean int his shoulder as he listens to my not exactly my brother. I don't even know what to make of that information.

Should I confront him about it?

Should I ask him where he's really from?

What does one normally do when they find out that the person who they've lived with for most of their life is actually someone who isn't even related to you?

In fact, how will anyone react to what's happened to me in the span of fewer than two months? I not only found out I am the mate of Hades, the king of the underworld who isn't all what history makes him out to be and then I find out that literally, everyone who is supposed to be on his side is actually against him starting with his youngest brother Zeus who intends to kill me to get to Dominic in case his oldest brother decides that he wants to rule Olympus.

I died and got resurrected and now I'm sitting here listening to someone who I thought was my brother recount the events leading up to my previous death which would not have happened unless I was killed by a god who I and Dominic assume is Zeus since he wields lightning which was what I was killed by.

Wow. My life is pretty much a mess.

"What do you think, Victoria?" Dominic asks me suddenly breaking me out of my inner monologue. Oh no. What are we talking about?


Chuckling softly at my blankness, Dominic catches me up on what

ight, " Annie grins, all knowingly, snapping her fingers so that the bowl is fixed back together and the dark liquid and foul smell disappear. "She's just pregnant. If you don't believe me as her what she could smell."

Looking to me expectantly I sigh, "When Annie walked in I smelt this really foul odour and you know how I'm still new to being a god and all that so I ended up in the corner to get away from it. Then when Annie gave me the drink, I smelt dried leeches and I got really angry about it for some reason...What?"

Dominic's eyes are wide open as he stares at me in both awe and delight. Confused, I try to step back from him but his hand which rests on the small of my back keeps me from moving anywhere.

Laughing a little bit uncomfortable, I jokingly turn to Annie to say, "From the way he's looking at me you'd think I'm made of glass."

No one laughs.

Everyone is silent as they stare at me.


"Your pregnant, Victoria, " Annie announces proudly. "By the way the foul odour your melling is actually your favourite food. Our favourite meal tends to become our most hated when we're pregnant but the feeling will disappear when the baby is born. Dominic told me yours via text when you were 'dead'."


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