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   Chapter 29 NO.29

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Staring at my pale body lying in Dominic's bed, I finally understand that I'm actually 'dead'. 'Only a God can kill another God's mate'. The words ring in my head like a curse, repeating itself over and over again. Standing next to me, Dominic looks like he's in pain and I can understand why. In one of the memories Dominic passed on to me, explains that to a God, losing his or her mate is the most devastating thing that can ever happen to them and the said God will do anything to try and be reunited with his lost even if it means breaking the rules of Olympus.

The rules are basically almost the same as the requirements to get you into heaven. No sins and that includes all sins.

" do I do this?" I ask quizzically, looking uncomfortably at my body. "I don't particularly like seeing myself looking so pale and lifeless."

"Uh...I think you're supposed to imagine being back inside your body?" Dominic replies unsurely, scratching his head. "No God has ever killed another's before so this is a first."

Shaking my hands at my side to shake off my nerves, I mumble irritatedly, Great, I'm a guinea pig."

Though extremely doubtful that this will work, I close my eyes in an attempt to try imagining that I'm inside my body, that I'm warm with the blood flowing through my veins, that I have a pumping heart and that I have non-see through limbs.

Opening my eyes not expecting much, a smile forms on my lips when I realise I am no longer where I was standing but I am now laying down on where my body was. Immediately, Dominic's face breaks into a relieved grin as he crawls onto the bed to warp his large arms around my now warm and alive body.

"I'm sorry, " He whispers after a short beat, kissing me

d to find out that they are wet. "Damn it. I just assumed that since you saw the file on your family..."

Right...I did...but that was before I got marked so the memories are admittedly as hazy as how many times he did me.

"If it makes you feel any better, he and his mate just entered the underworld and Ted is bringing them over, " Dominic attempts to cheer me up, his face turned upwards at the ceiling in thought. "The half bird dude is fine, he's just got a broken leg from the hit he took to the tree."

"How did they even get here?" I ask, my voice sounding all nasally and stuffy because of my blocked nose, rubbing away the tear streaks as I stand to go to the door.

"I let them, " He replies, passing me one of his button-up shirts as I open the door. "I am not letting them see you in a ripped madonna shirt and a bloody bikini that my irritating sister made you wear."

Exchanging my T-shirt for his, I sigh as the hem of it just reaches past my mid-thigh which is not surprising to me since I am very much shorter than him. Holding my hand tightly, Dominic probably unknowingly is giving me some bravery to face what's to come.

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