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   Chapter 28 NO.28

The Devil's Mate By gottabeme123 Characters: 7176

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Honestly...I never thought getting hit by a lightning bolt could hurt this bad, in fact, I thought it'd feel like putting wet fingers into a socket but no-I can tell you for sure right now that it's way more painful than just feeling the electricity flow through your body.

First, when the bolt hits you, it's just blinding white pain that makes you lose your voice. Then, its the rush of electricity that feels like millions of little needles pocking themselves into every crack and crevice of your body. Finally, when the electricity is through with you, you just totally black out.

And that's what's happened to me right now...

Walking down the black-white space where many other people walk around, conversing with one another, I feel extremely out of place as everyone except me is dressed in white dresses and suits whereas I am still in my two-piece swimsuit and torn Madonna T-shirt. Awkward...

"Hello, you must be a new soul, " An old lady with harry potter wire like glasses smiles, taking my hand in her shaking spidery veined hand. "My name's Adelina. What's your name?"

"V...Victoria..." I stutter, totally confused, gently pulling me behind her she leads me in the general direction of where everyone else is going. "Where are you taking me?"

"To see his majesty, of course, dear, " She replies cheerfully in her whispy voice, pushing her way past some other people who are walking in the same direction. "I am sure you're going to love it here in Heaven. Young people these days, dying young. Such a sad thing."


Looking around me, I see it now, those not dressed in white all look confused as someone in white drags them in the same direction I'm being dragged in. Some have gaping black holes in their foreheads, some have an arm or leg floating near them and those are just the physical wounds. The internal wounds spew out from the cause of death like a spider web, thing black lines spew from a circle which size depends on how painful the death was.

Turning back to look in the direction I'm walking in, I feel my jaw drop when we come to a wide never-ending looking staircase that rises above some

y hands to hold on to his elbows.

"Hi?" He says questioningly, leaning down to press his forehead onto mine, his heavy breaths fanning my face. "That's all you say to me after my brother literally attempts to kill you? Hi?"

"You don't know that it's your brother, " I counter, avoiding his blood red eyes which tell me that he's really, really angry. "I mean it was headed for you and gods don't die so it could have been a prank?"

Closing his eyes momentarily, Dominic takes a few steadying breaths to calm his beast down and when he opens them I find myself looking into his familiar brown eyes with the thin red ring around his iris, his mouth opens to reject my scenario of why I'm 'dead' but I want to speak first.

"I'm sorry I took back what I said in the hotel room, " I shoot thoughtlessly, breaking eye contact with him as I remember that we were fighting in Singapore because of what I said. "I never should have taken it back. I really love you, Dominic. I really really-"

I don't get to finish my sentence as his lips cover mine in a short sweet kiss that ends way to briefly for my liking, his eyes shine with pride and love as he grips my body to his as if by holding me close to him will somehow make us one being.

"Let's get out of here, " He murmurs, squishing my side fats. "I need to return you to your body. I can't have a soul as the Queen of Heaven and Hell now can I?"

Wait...I'm a soul?

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