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   Chapter 27 NO.27

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Warlock. The word resonates in my mind as I stare dumbfoundedly at my brother who I thought was an average Joe but no—he's a god damned warlock! The man next to him is Harold...his boyfriend and spirit beast which basically means they're mates.

I think I read something about gifted mortals and mythical beasts somewhere...or maybe since Dominic took advantage of our connection in both mind and soul, he could have already shared his knowledge with me...yeah the former seems more likely to have happened...

Sitting in the middle of a forest god knows where with a crackling fire in front of us, I feel extremely uncomfortable as Harold continues to glare at me for slapping Danny. Holding the steaming cup of hot chocolate, I avoid all form of eye contact with both of them for one I am still in an underwear like swimsuit with only the Madonna T-shirt preserving whatever modesty I still have.

"Hey, can you at least say something?" Danny says quietly, the worry in his voice causing me to look up at him. "I've been worried out of my mind since mum came home that night and said he had you."

Out of nowhere, I feel myself scoff which is very unusual since I don't actually know how to scoff, "Why do you even care?"

Covering my mouth once the words are out, I look embarrassedly at the pair in front of me who looks positively shocked at me, though Harold looks close to ripping my head off. Looking back down to the hot chocolate, I want the ground to swallow me up right now.

"When I was a baby, The Covenant tried to kill me, " I mumble softly, suddenly remembering why I went o Dominic that night, my voice as with my eyes rise with every word that spills out of my mouth. "Mum let them and when that failed she resorted to moving us around he told every year to keep my mate from me. Did you know our grandfather is one of the grand masters of The Covenant who were and still are trying to kill me?!Who does that to their own family members?"

As swift as a passing breeze, the on the ground leaves crunch under Harold's weight as he suddenly stands up from his seat on the fallen log which in itself should not be a cause for defence well in my mind at least, my bo

is only now do I fully see how he looks. His eyes though red are filled with pain and anger, he looks about ten times older than when I last saw him in the hotel room, in the back of my mind a voice tell me that what he just did to Harold is just a minuscule of what he felt when I just up and disappeared earlier.

Tears stream down my cheeks as I continue to look at him, he looks he lost a piece of himself when Danny just took me away from at the swimming pool. Having a mate is such a weird thing, one moment I'm mad at him for strangling my brother's partner and the next I'm wishing I told him that I loved him in the hotel room.

It's like being on your period but all the time.


I don't get to finish my apology as bolt of electric white lightning charges like a mad bull towards Dominic's turned back. Without thinking, I push with all my strength on Dominic's right shoulder which causes him to switch places with me.

Before anyone can do anything, the lightning bolt runs right through my chest, where me heart is. Basically through my left breast but not exactly since my heart is also a little to the right but it's still mostly left so yeah...right through my left breast.

The pain is indescribable and I fall like a fly to a fly light or whatever that thing that attracts bugs and kills them with electricity is called. Dominic shouts my name in horror as I lay on the blood soaked ground.

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