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   Chapter 26 NO.26

The Devil's Mate By gottabeme123 Characters: 4436

Updated: 2018-05-08 18:24

Mid-calf deep in what is most likely pee infested waters of the kiddie pool, Annie half complains and half watches Oberon splashing around in the water. Her brown eyes flicker between a deep dark red and her usual brown colour which to the kids looking at her it's something cool but to the adults watching's a different story.

The nervous glances that flicker between the little children playing in the water and Annie ever changing eye colour, I can easily tell that their maternal instincts are going off, notifying them that Annie is a possible threat to their children when some of them sit on the edge of their suntanning chairs just to watch their kids.

"You can't believe the nerve of the man, " Annie whines once more, dragging my attention back to her. "You'd think after three thousand millenniums of marriage he'd actually understand where I'm coming from on the topic of you being pregnant!"

Three thousand what?! My eyes are as big as saucers as I take in the fact that she and Demitri have been together for that long. It's a wonder how they only have one child. Will Dominic and I last that long?

"Anyways, do I want to know why you're wearing a madonna T-shirt that no one in their right mind in this century would wear, " She continues, looking curiously at the shirt her anger towards her hu

struggles as I try to break free of his hold, my nails draw long angry red lines down the arm that is holding me, my feet whack whatever is within its kicking distance which may or may not be his face, below me the animal or Harold as my brother had called it emits a low jugular growl as I struggle on his back.

"Danny! Let go of me! Let go!" I scream though I doubt he can even hear me through the howling wind surrounding us.

Harold begins to descend from the flight down to a dense canopy of trees where even light is finding it hard to reach the forest floor. Leaves crouch as his talons dog themselves into the soft dead leaf litter.

Steadying me on my feet, Danny isn't prepared when I swing my hand backwards and slap him across his face. I am seething with rage but it almost immediately vanished when the animal shifts shape and turns human.

A very naked human.

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