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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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With breakfast over and done with, Dominic, Demetri and Annie make plans to meet up for lunch, and with the sun high in the sky both Dominic and I have no plans on leaving our hotel room.

"Dominic, " I ask as I turn around on our bed to look at him. "What's Hell like?"

Putting down his phone, he purses his lips in deep thought before he answers me, "It's like the place in the mortal world where you put your criminals...sort of. Depending on their sins, the souls in hell have to spend this specific amount of time after their judgement trail."

Pulling me to him by my waist, Dominic kisses my nose softly, "Originally, I conduct the trials and give the sentences but because I've found my mate, you will be my secondary advisor. If you disagree with my sentence, you may speak it out whether it is for better or worse of the spirit."

I have the final say? How unexpected... Leaning against him, I drag my index finger on his muscular chest as I think of another question to ask him, "Dominic, have you ever thought that Theodore may or may not be under the influence of Lucifer? I for one just can't see Theodore wanting to get rid of you by his own admission."

There is a brief silence between us before he responds, "Lucifer may be mischievous and manipulative but Theodore is intelligent and cunning. In my opinion, there's a fifty-fifty chance that they're either working together, one's manipulating the other or either one of them or both are being used by someone else."

Hmm...that makes more sense than my biased opion that Lucifer is behind everything just because he gave me that off kind of feeling.

"Why are you still wearing Athena's medallion?" He asks suddenly, his index finger lifts the silver chain off my neck slightly. "You can use mine. Take this off."

Frowning, I close my hand around the crest's circular surface, "I think I'll keep this on. Annie told me you lost yours a few million years ago and I do not want to melt any more alarm clocks thank you."

Looking over to the sadly half melted alarm clock on the bedside table to prove my point, and just then suddenly a question I've been meaning to ask him since I met him pops to my head, "Do you actually work at that pizza parlour around the corner or was that just a ruse to meet me?"

Chuckling at my question, he replies with a somewhat mockingly serio

thing, not a shift in the air or a sound form him, standing there with my back vulnerable facing him, I am about to give up on his help and try to tie it myself again when I feel his cold hands grasp me by the small of my back, his long fingers slide up my almost all bareback, his rough fingers tickle my skin as he gently journeys to his destination.

His breath is warm on my shoulder as his lips skim lightly on my pale skin, his voice is deep and husky, like chocolate on strawberries, "Wear a shirt over this."

The lost of his warmth is like a punch to my gut, he's still mad... Sighing, I feel the light pull of the strings against my neck which cause my breasts to be raised higher. Well, it's not like I wasn't thinking of wearing a shirt over this thing anyways.

Pulling on one a white Madonna printed T-shirt, I just have my head through the neck-hole when Annie appears out of nowhere and literally drags me out into the hallway with the neck-hole of the shirt dangling from my neckline.

"I need to drown my sorrows in water, " she grumbles to me as she drags me along towards the bank of elevators, her face shows every emotion form anger to hostility at whoever has earned her warth. "I'll personally kill him if he tries to even mention what happened earlier this morning again. I've had to endure Hell knows what kind of lecture since that episode with Dominic."

Oh, so that's what this swimming thing is about. I'm guessing the swimsuit is her form of payback for what happened to cause the dispute to start up with Damian in the first place.

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