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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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Pregnant? Me? To say I'm stunned beyond words is an understatement, Annie stares at me as I try to wrap my head around this. I've only met Zeus once, in all honesty, I can't see him being the kind of guy to spread such nasty things about me. If it had to be anyone it'd be Poseidon (Lucifer), amongst the tree of them he gives me the worst chills.

"Hello? Are you even listening to me right now?" Annie waves her arms in front of me, pushing my thoughts to the back of my head. "I just asked you if Dominic uses protection?" my god! Protection! Does he use protection? Did we even use protection the first thirty times? Oh no...

"Okay that fearful wide-eyed look is enough an answer for me, " Annie growls abruptly standing up from her seat on the bed, storming out into the hotel hallway screaming Dominic's name.

In an instant, her room door opens and her husband and Dominic rush out probably thinking that we're in trouble or something. Following closely behind her, I wince when her hand makes contact with a very worried Dominic's face.

Clawing at him like a mad cat, Annie's nails leave scratches on his face as she screams profanities at him, "YOU MOTHERFUCKING BASTARD! SHE'S NOT EVEN BLOODY EIGHTEEN! FOR FUCKING HEAVEN'S SAKE! WHAT IN CRONUS'S NAME ARE YOU THINKING!"

"Get the fuck off of me Annie, " Dominic grunts, trying to keep her nails out of his eyes. "I have no idea what you're talking about! Fucking hell! Toria help me! Demetri get your deranged wife off of me!"

Still, in a state of shock, nothing registers in my mind as the two of them yell, growl and scream at each other on the carpeted floor of the hallway. Never since the marking do I remember Dominic ever wearing protection, and for another thing, I don't have any memories of the time he was marking me or whatnot since the

grandfather tonight in London then there's the thing about the demons and angels from yesterday. God, I have so much to absorb.

Sitting me down at an empty table, I smile when Dominic tells me that he'll get our food and that I should just sit there and relax. Honeymoon? I don't know exactly what can count as a honeymoon but I'm pretty sure it means that both husband and wife are relaxing not just the wife. I consider myself Dominic's wife? Technically, I'm his mate but does that equivalent to the same worth as a wife?

My thoughts are bushed aside when a large warm plate of different kinds of food is placed in front of me, there's coconut rice, lamb rendang, fried vermicelli with vegetables, tiny deep fried fish among other things that you normally don't eat for breakfast.

Kissing my temple, Dominic whispers softly, "Your worth is immeasurable. Don't ever doubt it. Mate or wife, you are irreplaceable."

Sitting next to me, he passes me utensils and adds softly, "I've been looking for you for over ten millenniums so don't ever doubt my want for you and for the future. I want to have children with you someday but not now. Understand?"

Unable to say anything, I manage to give him a slight nod.

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