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   Chapter 23 NO.23

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When the light from the unclosed curtains seeps over my closed eyelid, I almost want to get up to close it. Almost. However, the thing that woke me up isn't the light but the low conversation going on next to me. Dominic is up and about but he's on the phone and he doesn't sound happy.

"Brunes...I'm telling you for the last time, " He growls softly but still retaining some menace in his tone. "Leave me and my wife alone. I've taken her multiple times she is mine. She's no longer human and I know you can feel it."

I can't hear my grandfather's response but I know it's something Dominic didn't want to hear because he cuts the call. The bed shifts as he leaves his side of the bed, his footfalls leave soft thumps on the ground as he walks so I can tell he's coming near me.

Closing my eyes to fake sleep, I try to even out my breathing to mimic unconsciousness but I jump right up when he slides his hand up the length of my naked leg under the blanket. Sitting on my butt, he is unfazed as he continues his journey to my core.

Crap...I'm already soaked and he hasn't even touched me all that much...

"Dominic..." I whisper as his hand slides smoothly against my vulva, slipping over my already throbbing clitoris."No...please..."

Laughing, he obliges and kisses me good morning, dressed in a similar outfit to yesterday's, he is unfazed when he licks his right hand that reappears from under the blanket. Blushing a deep red, I look away. Making sure to keep my mind blank, I slide off the bed on the opposite side, away from him so that I can do some cleaning up in the bathroom.

Once done, I go back into the room where Dominic has set out a flowy white dress with little yellow flowers on the hem for me. Not questioning him, I wear it as he watches from the bed, both of us not saying a word to t

retorts, grabbing her crest out of his hand. "Besides she's not a boy, your crest will be too much for her and unlike you, I don't have a stick dangling between my legs so she can just use mine. Also, Demitri asked me to tell you to meet him downstairs for breakfast, apparently it's a guy only talk so Victoria and I will be up here ordering room service."

With that, she literally kicks him out of his own room without his key card, wallet or cell phone. I don't know if I'm supposed to laugh that this situation or if I should open the door to let him back in. Looking at Annie's playful grin I know the former is more likely to happen than the latter.

"I have something I need to discuss with you about, " Annie states once our laughter dies, her eyes are dead serious as she stares right at me. "Theodore is on the move. I heard Demitri talking about it with Dominic over the phone last night. His army has been assembled and he's stirring up unrest amongst the other gods in Olympus."

"The most popular rumour spread is that Dominic abuses you and intends to take over Olympus once his first child is born which leads me to the next most popular rumour that is you're six months pregnant."


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