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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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Honestly, I've learnt more about Dominic through Athena than from Dominic himself. Oberon runs through the rooms with a thick heavy white blanket wrapped around his shoulders as we play Damsel In Distress whereby I'm the Damsel and Oberon is the superhero who's going to save me.

A few hours ago, Athena went out in rage to look for our MIA husbands who have seemingly gone AWOL, leaving me with Oberon and specific instructions to put him to bed at nine.

Well, it's ten now so that piece of instruction was totally swept under the rug. I don't think I can be the strict parent if I were to ever have kids with I really going to think about that now?

"Pew-pew, " Oberon shouts as he sprays imaginary bullets at the imaginary monsters holding me captive. "I am Oberon, King of fur word! Fur me demons for I am going to save my wife!"

Yeah, I don't know how that happened but who am I to not want to play along? "Oh, great king, I'm so scared! Please save me! These foul demons are clawing away at what's yours! Save me! Ahhhhh!"

Oberon giggles before forcing a serious face on as he jumps over some random pillows we threw on the floor to mimic a rough tavern and as for me being held against my will, I'm actually just warmly wrapped up in a blanket.

"Oh, brave King, my love. Save me as soon as you can, " I sigh in the most dramatic and exaggerated way possible. "These goons have taken what's your's hurry and take me back to your warm embrace!"

Jeez, I could have been in the Drama Club...but thank goodness I joined the library staff.

"Am I supposed to be worried about you cheating on me with a six-year-old, wife?" Dominic asks suddenly appearing out of nowhere, startling both me and Oberon enough so that Oberon drops to the floor in fake sleep and I roll off the bed and on to the floor.

Scrambling to get up, I brush my messed up hair out of my face to speak to him, "No...who said I was cheating? it's called make belief, husband."

The chill I got isn't lost on me when he called me 'wife' instead of 'Toria' which is something he didn't do when I woke up a few hours ago so this is kind of a good surprise for me.

"Good, " H

form and I decide if they can become one of my angles or demons."

That sounds least I know what demon has been with me all my life...definitely disaster...I face smacked into a lamp post and slipped on a pizza box when I first met him for god's sake.

"You used to attract a lot of disaster demons even in your past lives, " He continues in deep thought confirming my previous thoughts as if he's reading my mind. "If you died they'd tell me but they just love playing with you. I've got no idea why though."

Butthole...stop reading my mind.

"I won't stop reading your mind...uh..." Dominic stops cold as my eyes widen. Oh my god... "Now, hold on...I can explain..."

"Annie told me you had this bad habit of reading other's minds without permission, " I accuse, pointing my finger at him. "I told her you'd never do it to me and I even bet four hundred dollars on it. Great...I just lost...I'll pass it to her tomorrow at breakfast..."

Taking my finger and biting down on it causing me to yelp out in protest, he smirks, " I won't do it anymore. Don't tell Annie too. She'll make sure I'm a bloody pulp if she found out."

My lips are set in a straight line as he leans in to kiss me and I melt like chocolate to fire. His lips are relentless against my mouth, his hands roam freely under my shirt finding the underwire of my bra pretty quickly.

Well...I guess it's only right we do it in my world at least once...right?

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