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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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It's hot in Singapore that's one thing my mum didn't lie about...

The city is beautiful though I don't even know which part of it I'm in it's like I get this kind of high-class vibe when I walk around here with Dominic. The stares, however, is something that will need some getting used to. Most of the girls we've walked past look to be in their early twenties and they can't stop drooling over my mate.

And it's making me mad for some reason.

Looking up at Dominic who at some point had changed into a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans while transporting us here, is looking back at me curiously not really caring about the attention he's receiving from the general female population.

"Is it too bright?" He asks me, pulling out a pair of sunglasses from his pocket. "I know Hell is kind of dimmer but you'll get used to it after a while."

"Dimmer is an understatement, " I mutter, my earlier jealousy evaporating as I put on the sunglasses, wondering vaguely if I look cooler. "Hell is like eternal night compared to my world."

Pulling me into his side possessively, he growls lowly so that only I am able to hear it, breathing in deeply, I feel the hairs on my neck rise as he mumbles, "Hell is also your world now and I have yet to show you Heaven, remind me to do so when we get home but bear in mind this is no longer your world."

Putting a smile on my face at his overreactive response, I kiss his cheek, partly to calm his beast down and partly to show those hookers looking at him that he's taken.

"Dominic, look at that!" I squeal, dragging him towards the structure, giggling like a small child. Dominic's body trembles as he laughs at how hard I'm trying to pull him in the general direction of the thing. "It's bigger than the pictures on the internet!"

Giving up on trying to get him to walk quicker, I let go of his hand to run to the lion-fish

thena wraps her slender pale arms around my chest.

"Finally, " She breathes, her voice is full of raw emotion and I feel the wetness on my shoulder which tells me she's crying. "I thought he'd never find you."

Not knowing what to say, I just nod stupidly, releasing me from her grip, Anthena wipes her tears away before gesturing for me to sit. Obliging, she digs around in a large luggage and she pulls out something on a long chain.

"This was mine when I was looking for my mate, " she murmurs, placing the heavy crest around my neck. "It kept my powers at bay this will help you learn to control your power. Of course, Dominic would never give you his because he lost his three thousand millenniums ago. Men right?"

Giggling at her comment, I feel my body get lighter and I know it's my excess energy being absorbed by the crest. This must have really helped her learn self-control and it also must be her reason for having such a strong neck. This thing is heavy.

"Well, while our husbands are off sparing somewhere for some unknown men reason, " she smiles wickedly, half closing the conjoining room door. "Let me tell you some dire secrets that you can threaten my older brother with."

Oh, wow...this is going to be interesting...

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