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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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To say he looks ready to break a wall is an understatement. His gaze alone was enough to set the hell flowers in the vase behind me aflame. Jumping at the sudden appearance of the flame, I watch horrified as the once beautiful hell flowers turn into nothing more than black ash.

Bad timing?

"If that is what you want, " He growls, releasing me from his embrace, walking away from me. "We can go tonight. Pack a bag for two days."

Stunned that he's not resisting my request as much as I'd expect him to, I frown trying to find a reason for his easy compliance when I fid none I decide I'll just have to find out when we get there.

Packing my bag, I realise most of the clothes I own down here are all bought by Dominic, the only thing that's mine from my time in the human world are the clothes he took me in and my converse. Making a mental note to take some things from my home, I go in search of my mate to tell him I'm ready.

"They are going to kill her the second they set their eyes on her, " He growls to someone on the phone in the library as I hide behind a bookshelf. "She's going to be heartbroken when the first thing they do when they finally see her after her disappearance is to pull a gun on her head."

"Dominic, it's not like it's going to kill her, " a voice sighs exasperatedly, and a few loud thumps are heard suggesting the guy is patting Dominic's back. "Only a god can kill a mate. Remember? Besides, didn't you give her a feather? It's basically divine protection! What could go wrong?"

I hear Dominic mumbles something and the guy laughs straight out causing Dominic to growl so threateningly that I feel a chill go down my spine. The other man's laughter intensifies fueling Dominic's rage at being laughed at.

"Okay...okay, so let me get this straight, " the guy laughs breathlessly. "You're afraid she

Rolling his eyes, he answers me, "London has a lot of sacred ground that the people of the past had buried there, I although am the keeper of Heaven, I was first the matron of Hell so basically, I can't transport myself into holy areas like certain burial sites under London."

Seriously?! That is so...

"Cool?" He finishes my unspoken thought with a disappointed look on his face like I've just failed a test or something. "Toria, do you know how those burial sites got under London? What secrets do they hold? What curses the bodies in them may have?"

My smile drops from my face, so when he said holy burial grounds...

"Yes, I meant that the churches there are to keep whatever is under the ground to stay under the ground, " He finishes my thought which really made some chills run up my arms like how does he keep on doing that? "Ready to go to Singapore yet?"

Giving him a 'mmhm' he wraps his arm around me and holds our bags in his other before the same wall of fire that surrounded me before rises around us like a tall hollow column, closing my eyes I feel the wind flow through my hair and my body and before I know it my feet are back on land and I'm no longer in hell.

I'm in the human world. Again.

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