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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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This isn't happening right it? A war...over power...why? I thought only humans were as selfish as this. Standing from my seat, I go around the table that separates him and me, clearly surprising him when I wrap my arms around him, my cheek resting on his warm back.

"Will you hurt him?" I mumble, tears pricking the edge of my eyes as I imagine the two brothers fighting to the death. "Can you hurt him?"

Grabbing my hands from around his waist he lightens my grip enough so that he can turn around to face me, looking down to the hardwood floor I avoid his inquisitive gaze not wanting to let him see me get emotional over some guy I just met only minutes ago.

"If ever boiled down to it and I have to defend you, I will hurt him, " Dominic sighs, nudging my face upward to look at him. "He'll take you as a hostage. Probably during your party with the girls or before you get crowned queen."

Dropping my arms to my side, I feel a curtain of despair shroud me if I wasn't so impulsive this wouldn't have happened. His lips kiss the top of my head in an effort to comfort me to which I sigh heavily.

"Quinn doesn't know, don't worry. The others are clueless as well, only their mates and you know about Theo's plan to eliminate you and me, " Dominic murmurs, crushing me to his chest. "Only a God can exterminate another God's mate."

Sighing, I expect him to tell me he's not going to let me out of his sight or that I'm not allowed to go anywhere without him or something like that but he surprises me by spreading his wings causing me to release my hold on him.

"Can you pass me that string over on the shelf?" He murmurs pointing vaguely to the item on the bookshelf,

so long...

The faces of my mum and Danny float in my mind's eye and I feel an aching pulse through my body at how heartbroken they must have been when I disappeared. Especially mum since she saw Dominic take me away...

"Toria! I give up! You can come out now!" Dominic's voice breaks through my thoughts, the panic that leaks through his words stun me. "Tori?"

Jumping down from my spot, I land on my butt in front of him and he scoups me into his arms hugging me tightly.

"Fucking hell...don't do that again, " he curses breathing in my smell. "I thought he took you. Never again am I going to play hide and seek with you."

Giggling, I wrap my arms around him and I stick my tongue out playfully to which he returns.

"I guess I have to grant you one wish, " he sighs hopelessly, clearly regretting allowing me to wish for anything. "Name it and I'll fulfill it within reason."

"My wish is to see my family, " I mumble, burying my face into his shoulder to avoid seeing his reaction to this request. "It's just once and I want to tell them I'm happy so that I don't feel guilty that I left them so suddenly."

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