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   Chapter 18

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Dangling from her mate“s shoulder, Quinn giggles at some private joke as they board the boatman“s boat to cross to the normal world from where they will take portals to go back to Olympus.

"Good luck, Tori! Mr Stotic looks ready to ravish you the second we leave, have fun!" Quinn calls back to me as the boatman tries to retain his laughter as he glances at my reddening face. "Don“t forget protection!"

Oh my god...this woman... I feel a hand on my shoulder and I give Aria a weak smile as she shakes her head at her friend while she disappears through the fog of the river of life. Posidon talks in low tones with Dominic as we wait with them for the return of the boatman.

" about her...if I remember correctly she can get drunk on the fumes of liquor," Aria apologieses on her behalf and I shake it off.

"It“s alright," I smile kindly at her and I glance over to the men behind her as their conversation becomes more serious. "What are they talking about?"

Aria glances behind her and she shrugs, "I don“t know but we shouldn“t spy on them. It“s rude."

Right, she“s from the 18th century...

"Anyways did you know you“re the highest of the high lady in Olympus? it used to be Quinn but she was more than happy to have the spotlight being taken from her, she couldn“t be as ladylike as she needed to be to set a good example to the rest of us," Aria small talks, as we look out for the boat.

"I“m guessing Dominic will tell me about it later," I respond trying to avoid this topic.

We stand together in silence until the boatman came back and we bid each other farewell. When they had disappeared in the fog, Dominic takes me by my hand and leads me to the library where he pulls out manila file after manila file, placing them on the long table on top of each other.

"Let“s begin shall we, mate?" Dominic sighs

"Yeah...just um...tell me where to start," I mutter, grabbing the topmost file. "It“s not in English...There“s just a bunch of squiggly lines here"

Dominic peers over my shoulder to look at the fi

amongst the files on the shelves trying to find a certain file. "I didn“t want to rule, not then or now but Zeus...he harboured the feeling of dread that if I had my full powers, I“d overthrow him as Masha had told you before."

"You could have just told him you didn“t want to take over," I interrupt him, receiving a glare in return as he dumps a fouth file in front of me. "Okay, I“ll listen."

"I didn“t know he was keeping you away from me," He shakes his head when he turns to see me blowing the edge of the files in front of me as I try to see if I can make the papers fly.

"I honestly thought it was just my bad luck. Years turned into centuries and my brothers found their mates rather quickly, a god who goes too long without a mate gradually loses hope to ever find her and that“s what happened to me."

"Well you have me now and judging from just now Theo seems to be pretty accepting towards us now," I interrupt once more, suddenly feeling a little frantic. "He“s not going to do anything to separate us anymore, right?"

Dominic shakes his head and I feel my stomach drop.

"He came to visit us to see for himself if I had really marked you," he says grimly, his eyes turning black. "Now that he“s seen it for himself that I do have my full powers, he“s going to change his plans."

"Theodore will go to war with me. It“s just a matter of when."

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