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   Chapter 17

The Devil's Mate By gottabeme123 Characters: 4868

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Well...this is awkward... Sitting at the dining table sipping wine and eating grapes are Poseidon also known as Lucifer or Louis and Zeus who told me just to call him Theo short for Theodore. This is a meeting for gods and their mates. Posideon“s mate is Aria, she resembles, to be honest, a mouse. She“s silent, small and short, totally different from the tall, muscular man Posideon is.

Zeus“s mate is called Quinn and she couldn“t be more different from her mate. Quinn is exactly the opposite of the quite and serious Zeus. If I had to list her traits after the first five minutes of meeting her I“d say she“s loud, childish, beautiful and a bit a lot crazy.

"Oh Dom," Quinn laughs as she smells Zeus“s wine, her bright blue eyes twinkling in the light of the blazing fire. "She“s adorable! Look at that hair, gosh I“d kill for hair like that! Come on, Dom smile a little? She“s alive and kicking isn“t she?"

"Quinny, pipe down," Zeus sighs as he takes his glass away from her lips as she tilts the glass to drink. "You“re too young to drink wine."

"Awwwww! Teddy! Please! I want it!" She whines and literally crawls all over him as he somehow manages to keep the glass of wine out of her reach. "Gimmie!"

"You should put a leash on her brother," Poseidon sighs as he glances at his own mate who avoids eye contact with him. "Ari, are you feeling alright?"

She nods and shifts slightly away from him, making me a little bit wor

You“re not the Queen of Heaven and Hell."

Huh? Heaven and Hell? Queen? Laughing uncomfortably, I utter softly totally blown by this new information, "Aren“t you the Queen of Heaven?"

"Mr Dominic didn“t tell you?"Aria whispers stunned, covering her mouth with her hands. "Heaven and Hell are down here. He“s the King and your the queen. Your coronation should be at the next God and Goddess“ meeting in front of all souls from Heaven. It“s a really big event."

Huh? What? Okay, I get it now...I can understand why he was so mad that he marked me...He didn“t even get the chance to explain all this to all.

"Do you understand now my dear," He whispers lowly into my ear as I sit there soul-out-of-my-body-stiff. "That my anger is no facade. I will explain everything in full detail when they“ve left and you will sit still and for once in your life listen to me."

Queen...of Heaven and Hell...I can“t even begin to imagine what this job will be like...

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