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   Chapter 16

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It whole body...ugh...

Last night was somewhat delightful yet chilling to me as I lay on his bed spent and used up to my very last ounce of energy, m skin covered in a thin sheen of sweat a reminder of what I did last night was not a dream nor was it a nightmare.

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED MASHA!" His loud dominating voice reaches my ears and I sit up slowly, the place between my legs and my behind ache as I slide out of the comfortable and tempting bed.


Stumbling on my feet at is words, I sit crossed legged on the floor in shock. Two months...Was I asleep for two months? It felt like a few hours though...

Heavy footsteps vibrate on the floor and the door leading to his bedroom slam open and there he stands in a white button-up shirt and a pair of blue jeans, his hair is a disarray and overgrown so much that it“s touching the second line of his collar and his eyes have its familiar red ring around his iris.

"Toria..." He breathes, anger floods his features as he quickly comes over to me and as if on instinct I find myself hanging in the corner of the bedroom my hands holding me to the

uldn“t get to you on time. Why? Why didn“t you listen?"

Why...Why did I go to him?...I...I can“t remember... "I don“t know..."

"Don“t know or can“t remember?" He probes me, jerking me to look at him in the eye. "Which is it Toria?"

Like something takes over my body I feel a bubble of laughter rising from my chest and out my lips, "You“re happy...Happy that I“m alive..."

A dark feeling clusters in my chest and like a light switch being flicked, my laughter dies as soon as it had started, I feel a darkness gather in my eyes as I stare into his and I find my voice deepening low as I speak once more.

"So why put up such a facade like being angry? Just tell me your glad I“m alive, Dominic."

Silence issues in the room an I suddenly feel really small.

Oh god...what did I just do?

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