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   Chapter 15

The Devil's Mate By gottabeme123 Characters: 6451

Updated: 2017-12-05 12:05 body“s heating quickly...Climbing off of me, I turn to my side to curl into a ball in an attempt to slow the rising heat but I end up falling off of the edge of the desk. I have no strength to move but even if I could my muscles would be all jelly-like. The place between my thighs throbs painfully. My breathing hasn“t evened out from my earlier exertions, in fact, I“d say it“s gotten harder to breathe.

What the hell did he do to me?

Dominic reaches for me and as his hand closes on my bicep, I try to scream but it comes out like a groan of pleasure which is what it would be since the feeling of his skin on mine is like ice to my overheated body, a cooling agent that I desperately need.

My surroundings shift like a blurry image from a poorly taken picture and I am no longer on the floor of the library and instead, I“m in his room, Dominic has me gathered in his arms. I cling to him as he pads across his bedroom to the bed where he throws me on to the bed.


I cross my arm over my chest shakily and tilt my head to the side, not looking at him. The effects of whatever he“s injected me with almost overpowering my will to not jump him right then and there.

"No," He growls, easing my arms to my side. he seems to take some pity on me though and doesn“t make e look at him. "Don“t fight it, Toria. I just injected you with a particularly strong aphrodisiac, relax."


"Made by the blood of the broken virgin," He adds cruelly, his eyes shifting between its demonic black and bright red irises. "Effective isn“t it?"

Blood...who“s... a virgin...The vial of dark liquid that floated nearby ...


My tears start anew at this and I don“t like it that I“m crying so much at the hands of this man, pressing a finger against my trembling lips, he eases off the bed and goes to the window, then pulls down one of the drapes. I hear the rattle of the

uch. To soothe. To pleasure." He tenderly cups my sex. I“m slick and hot, he groans with desire as the moistness that his me wets his fingers. "I want you, Little Lamb. I want to bury myself in you and fuck you hard. I want to hear you scream when you come."

Sitting beside me on the bed, he trails his index finger up my stomach to my breasts. Slowly h circles one, then the other. "Should I make you beg for it?"

"I will," I mutter, my heart stuttering in my chest.

His expression is devious. "I want you hot, I want you desperate."

I swallow, my tears stopped flowing. "I already am."

"We“ll see," he says, reaching for something on his nightstand, In his hand, he holds a silk sash, without his eyes ever leaving mine, he puts it over my eyes.



He ties it behind my head and my mind goes into panic mode but I keep my panic to myself. I want this. I want to feel. I want to be his. Totally.

The bed shifts and I realise he“s no longer beside me. I bite my lower lip, but I refuse to call out. He“s playing a game with me, and I fully intend to hold my own. He“s me in a full circle, I note, from fear and shame to excitement and arousal. I don“t think anyone but Dominic can do this to me.

Whatever he has planned for me now, I trust him.

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