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   Chapter 14

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【Mature content】【May Be Triggering】

Dominic“s hand grips both of my wrists tightly, his eyes are fully black like in those horror movies where the person is possessed, using his other hand Dominic undoes the belt of my shorts but he gets impatient and ends up ripping the material into two I scream at the suddenness of his actions, my breaths are short and apprehensive.

His eyes rake along my exposed my light pink panties with a pink ruffle on the waistband. My heart pounds loudly in fear of what“s to come next, the grip on my wrist tighten and I whimper which seems to please him immensely.

"Does it hurt?" He questions his voice mean and warning, squeezing my wrists some more. "Of course it does. Disobedient girls deserve punishments. Don“t you think?"

P-Punishments! Does he mean what I think he means? My body quakes as he slips a finger along the hem of my panties, lifting the material up and I begin to struggle. "D-Dom..."

In an instant, my panty is snapped sharply against my skin causing me to let out a cry of pain at the spreading sting of the elastic band leaving a burn in its wake. Tears pop into my eyes as I struggle to get my hands free to rub the sore spot.

"Getting fidgety aren“t we?" He mocks me, a sadistic grin gracing his lips that make my heart skip a beat, a flush creeps up my neck as I feel his hand roaming under my T-shirt, his rough and calloused hands making goosebumps rise on my arms.

"Regreting coming to me yet, little lamb?" He growls lowly, his roaming hand brushing the cup of my bra. "Sweet little lamb. Scared little lamb. My little lamb."

A scream unconsciously tears its way from my throat, my heart ban

dark liquid that is slowly being filled with every thrust. Dominic pushes my body to a new height, the pain subsiding slightly being replaced by pleasure.

The first of many moans escape my lips as he pounds into me, my breathing is erratic and so is his, both of us are getting off of the pleasure we give each other. Like I had told him before, if I truly am his mate, his grandmother would have me created in such a way that I am compatible with him.

"Oh...please...Dom..."I stutter incoherently as each thrust jerks me on the table, sending shivers of ecstasy through my body. "Please...ugh..."

A knot begins to tighten in my belly as he continues to push himself in and out of me, a light sheen of sweat coats my skin as my hips rise slightly and sway to meet his thrusts like an erotic dance that I can actually do and not fall on my bum.

"Come for me, my little lamb," He hisses into my ear when I feel the knot is getting too much for me to hold back. "Come."

Like his voice controls my body...I release and something sharp pricks the top of my left breast.

...Wha-What did he...put in me...?

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