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   Chapter 13

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Night time... Who would have thought it“d hurt so much to leave the one you love when they are in need? My heart is throbbing painfully in my chest as the roars and howls from the library filters into my room from the door that I left wide open.

"Misstress?" Masha calls me as I sit on the edge of my bed, gripping the covers so tightly that my knuckles turn bone white. "Would you like Masha to close the door? Master gets really loud in the night."

"I don“t understand...if he“s this loud every night...How did I not hear him?" I whisper to her not expecting her to hear me since my bed is quite some distance away from the door. "He sounds as though he“s in so much pain..."

"Pain indeed, Misstress," Masha shakes her head sadly, hopping over to me shutting the door on her way. "The pain Master is feeling is all the pain in the universe. All the people in the mortal realm suffering from illnesses, starvation, guilt, depression and others types of pain will have it taken away from them when it“s night time here in the underworld and passed to Master."

Tears form in my eyes as I listen to this, I must have been deaf not to be able to hear his screams...wait, it“s quiet. Looking over to the door, I slide smoothly off of the bed to open the door and I jump at the sudden screaming.

"Your room is soundproof, Misstress," Masha replies, pushing the door shut. "Master wanted Mistress to have it."

"He said it was two days more till he actually turns into a beast, why is he like this now?" I ask Masha, sliding down the door in confusion. "Why?"

"It“s Master body preparing Master to turn into a beast," Masha replies, shaking her head sadly. "It“s more painful Masha afraid when Master does actually turn into the beast. There had been no texts written to help Master mentally prepare for what to expect when Master does change."

"Master been looking for the file Master has on Mistress mother to show Mistress and explain to Mistress why Master had taken you from her," Masha adds pulling a brown well re

please...let me help you...I want to help you."

"You should have stayed in your room like a good girl," He laughs maniacally at me, his voice bouncing off the bookcases making me unsure of where he is. "I didn“t want to hurt you..."

I scream when his hands grab my waist from the back, his nose trailing along the length of my neck as he inhales my smell, "You smell divine and the best part is, you are all mine."

"Dom..."I“m doing this for him...he saved me so it“s my turn now to save him. Despite my body telling me to run for the hill screaming bloody murder, I force myself to stand still and let him do what he wants. He doesn“t have to hide this from me anymore.

"I love the way you sound darling," He says against my neck, roughly planting a kiss right where it makes my legs turn to jelly. "Breathless...needy...scared."

Spinning me around quickly, I am suddenly laid across the previously upturned study table, his hand holding mine above my head, his body covering mine, Dom“s lips ravish my neck like a hungry man, leaving hickeys and possibly bruises.

"You walked into the lion“s den," He growls into my ear. "You are about to get eaten."

"The lamb has fallen for the lion," I whisper back to him, kissing him on his lips. "How can she resist?"

His responding smile is wicked and he begins...

The Marking Of His Mate.

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