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   Chapter 12

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"Anyways, I need to get back to work if you want to sleep at all tonight," he smiles softly at me, gently removing me from his lap. "Can you bring me that stack of papers?"

I shake my head. Standing where he put me defiantly, my arms akimbo as I stare him down. My heart racing in my chest as I think of how to phrase the question nagging me at the back of my mind.

"What is it, sweetheart?" He sighs with a knowing smile on his lips as he eases into his chair in resignment, knowing I won“t do his bidding willingly while I“m in this stance. "Is it because I haven“t eaten yet?"

I shake my head once more wouldn“t hurt if he did eat, well, first things first, the matter at hand, "What did Posideon mean by marking me?"

His smile disappears and he suddenly looks grim however he answers me nonetheless, "It“s a ritual that my father wrote down before we locked him away. Each child has a different way of marking his or her mate. Zeus had to strike his mate with lightning which killed her and left a mark on her shoulder with his name and a lightning bolt, she also became an immortal being having a God as her other half and all...Posideon drowned his mate and she had a whirlpool mark on her shoulder and his name, she too was gifted with immortality..."

Dominic“s voice trails off as he fingers a file on the edge of his desk. Nudging him with my foot in an attempt to urge him to continue, my curiosity getting the better of me as always.

Long pause issues and he doesn“t attempt to continue, prompting him I ask, "Then what about you? How are you supposed to mark your mate?"

Sighing heavily,

ve made my resolve strong enough to take whatever you throw at me."

A deep growl issues in the room as he forcefully pushes me into the wall, "Run."

The chilling word I never expected to hear from him. Run.

"No," I respond stubbornly, standing from the floor. "Is this what why you hide yourself from me at night? To keep yourself from me?"

"Run or I“ll hurt you," He wheezes, trying to contain the demon inside him. "It won“t be pretty."

Grabbing his hand, I nearly scream when his once brown eyes now fully black look at me a turmoil of emotions running through them.

"Let me stay and calm this beast," I whisper, pressing the back of his hand on my cheek. "If I had known you suffer like this at night, I would have stayed by your side to help you."

"Tori...please..." he begs me, his eyes switching from full black to brown. "MASHA!"

The little doll jumps quickly into the library, her eyes wide at the scene before her.

"GET HER PUT OF HERE!" He roars at her, grasping my bicep with his hand and throwing me to her. "DON“T LET HER NEAR ME TILL THIS PASSES!"

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