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   Chapter 11

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This is starting to look dangerous. How Posideon got this far into the hallway is a miracle, I mean unless you were incorporated into the spell created by Hades that keeps out intruders like him, he would be standing at the entrance of the hallway.

"So, brother," Posideon smiles looking at me fondly like I“m a meal and he“s a hungry man who hasn“t eaten for days. "Is this the precious little mate that the whole of Olympus is panicking about. Scrawny isn“t she? Must be your doing, did you starve her?"

The god reaches out a finger to touch my chin and his finger catch fire and I turn my face into Dominic“s chest in fear. Posideon curses and a sizzling sound are heard as the fire is put out.

"Seems like my mate didn“t like you to touch her," Dominic smirks, clearly having fun at the expense of his brother. "She has a tendency to let her powers out without her even wanting to do harm. She electrocuted me the first time I brought her here. Painful but for her, she could hit me with lightning for all I care as long as she“s happy I“d be willing to suffer."

His brother laughs humourlessly as he leans across the table to peer at me, I feel his eyes roam my face, my neck and I feel so exposed l

ear in his voice as he leans his forehead on mine. Our breaths mixing and combining.

"I thought we were doing self introductions," I mumble, tilting my head forward suddenly wanting his lips on mine. "Kiss?"

Pecking me softly on my lips, he pulls away all too soon when I just feel like I want more.

"Kiss?" I whimper pathetically not caring that both my god-side and human sir are pleading for him to kiss us. "Dominic kiss."

He gives a small smile and shakes his head, "If I kiss you too much you“ll become spoilt."

I pout and fold my arms so that my front is not touching him anymore,"I thought your supposed to spoil me..."

Finally, after such a stressful and tiring day he laughs. He finally laughs and I feel my objective of getting him to relax a little has been met.

Thank goodness.

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