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   Chapter 10

The Devil's Mate By gottabeme123 Characters: 5521

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The library is a mess with old parchment paper littering the floor as Dominic trashes his entire desk looking for one certain file for the last five hours, I don“t know what“s gotten into him but I“m afraid it“s going to drive him to the brink of insanity by the way he“s looking for it.

He“s already lost about three other files he accidentally threw into the hearth, I think to myself as I help the dolls pick up the strewn files on the hardwood floor. The rustling of paper from the desk makes me sigh as another half closed file is thrown to the floor which is despite our best efforts still covered in paper.

We haven“t talked since I asked him about The Covenant this afternoon and by the look on the clock on top of the fireplace it“s almost eight in the evening, he didn“t touch the pizza I made for him or drink the sweet tea that was with it earlier in the afternoon and it“s worrying me.

He loves pizza and sweet tea.

Glancing over at him, his black-rimmed glasses perched on his nose as he pours over yet another file, his dark brown eyes scanning over the paper quickly, his jaw tense, his brows are scrunched in frustration and he looks tired.

"Masha," I whisper, beckoning the doll over, going on my knees to whisper to her. "Get the others out of here just for a while...I“m going to try and get him to relax before he over taxes himself."

She givs a short nod and hops out of the library with the others, trying to keep the little squeaks they make when they hop as silent as possible.

Silently, I begin picking up the papers, rehearsing in my head what I would do after I get the dolls to leave. Getting up from the f

s from earlier in the afternoon forgotten as he forces my lips apart with his tongue as he explores the insides of my mouth.

His warm large and calloused hands snake their way into my shirt, gliding over my skin like satin.

"Well, this is a sight to see," an alarming male voice says.

Oh my face turns so red from this embarrassing moment that I could have put a sunrise to shame. Who just walked in on us?

"Why is it every time my mate is finally coming to accept me some idiot decides to ruin all my plans?" Dominic growls at the handsome brown haired man with sea blue eyes in a black dinner suit with the top two buttons of his shirt open where a light dusting of chest hair winks at me.

"Hades," the man greets, his supposedly friendly and brotherly smile turning out to be something similar to a grimace or a fake smile that doesn“t reach his eyes.

"Poseidon," Dominic growls Low in his throat, his arms holding me tighter.

"Victoria!" I blurt out happily, and both pairs of eyes turn to me and I regret even opening my mouth.

Could this get any more embarrassing ?

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