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   Chapter 9

The Devil's Mate By gottabeme123 Characters: 4904

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Okay, it cool, just...breathe in, and and out... Slapping my cheeks with my hands a loud smack sound through the lounge, who am I kidding?! I“m FREAKING OUT!!! How can I not be? I just asked the King of demons, the fallen angel, who happens to be my mate to cut his meeting short to come to me!

"Mistress!"Masha squeaks hoping into the lounge, her little tinkling bell sounds following her. "Master is home. Master is waiting for you in his room."

HIS ROOM?! My eyes are wide and I feel sick, he wants me in his room! His room! I“m dead! I“m so very dead! Why? Why did I pick up the phone to call him? Why didn“t I just wait till he got back?

Standing from the chair, I take in a deep breath and rush up the stairs to the west wing, going past the doors that lead to the library, I walk further down and stop in front of a room that has a dark oak wood door, different from the other doors which are all light oak.

This is it...

I raise my fist to knock on the door but it suddenly opens and I am pulled inside. The room is dark except the tall windows where the warm light of the hellfire is giving the room a warm homey kind of feeling, on the far side is a large Californian bed that can sleep up to ten adults, two reading chairs sit by the windows, one bigger than the other obviously meant for a couple.

I am about to scream bloody murder when his warm lips come crashing down on mine. The heat of his hand burning through the

my breathless response, his lips brush mine in a chaste kiss, "What is your actual question here, baby?"

Gathering whatever courage I have, I look in in his eyes and ask him, "If I stay with you will you take the power I give you and take over Olympus?"

His eyes are a void of all emotion as he answers me, "I don“t need Olympus. I don“t need to be a god. As long as I have you by my side always, I won“t need anything else. I can be on the verge of death, and all I“ll ask of you is to kiss me before I go and forgive me for leaving you."

"Tell me about The Covenant," I murmur weakly, his words causing a brain to mouth malfunction. "Why do they want to keep me away from you? What is it they“re afraid of? Why do they want you to give up your rights as a god?"

Not answering me, he kisses me firmly on my lips and pulls me to his side.

"You should ask your mother," He whispers hollowly. "She“s the reason why I“ve been having a hard time find you."

My mother?

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