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   Chapter 8

The Devil's Mate By gottabeme123 Characters: 4309

Updated: 2017-12-05 12:05

This is Day 3 and I“m freaking out. Hades hasn“t done anything. Like literally! He didn“t call me out. Didn“t bother to ask me to eat dinner with him, and he“s been frankly making himself non-existent.

If he thinks this is the way into my heart he“s got a lot of learning to do. . .

"Mistress," Masha calls from the entrance of the library. "Master asks Masha to tell you he went to Olympus to attend a meeting and that you should expect him back by five this evening."

"Oh," I murmur, my heart dropping to my stomach for some reason. "Masha, what“s going on? Is he avoiding me or something?"

Masha gives a big tinkling laugh that fills the still air and quietness of the library.

"Mistress, take this as the calm before the storm," she advises, hopping away with her little sounds. "Mistress should prepare herself for some big changes. . ."

Big changes? Like what?

"Master has big plans but he“s worried about your safety as well," Masha continues her eyes suddenly downcast ad her voice sad. "Master has waited a long time you. The Covenant had no right to hide you for so long."

"Hide me? The Covenant? What“s that Masha?" I ask, puzzled. "How come I“ve never heard of this Covenant before?"

"Different religions had banded together to build an underground socie

r, trying to keep my cool, "Dom...where are you?...I...I miss you..."

SERIOUSLY?! WHERE THE HECK DID THAT COME FROM?! I mentally shout at myself, I try to open my mouth to take it back but I feel the tug that I felt the first night I was here. I“m not in control of my body anymore. My Godside is. His Mate side.

"Oh, sweetheart, didn“t Masha tell you I“ll be back by five? It“s only three," he replies, unfazed by my sudden “attraction“ to him. "I“ll be home soon."

"You“re soon isn“t soon enough," I whine in this terrible high pitched voice, my cheeks heat and I want to crawl under a rock and die. "Come home now. For me?"

I hear him sigh heavily before he agrees and puts down. I regain control of my mouth and I feel sick. I just got Hades to come here. Thinking I“ve fallen for him. Crab!Curse this Mate side of me! Now whatt am I going to do?

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