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   Chapter 7

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Updated: 2017-12-05 12:05

Sniffling, I shake my head vigorously side to side, what on earth am I doing! Just moments ago, I vowed to make him hate me to the point where he wouldn“t want me and here I am crying in the middle of a never ending hallway being cuddled by him.

"What is this place?" I mumble as he makes to stand, his large hands hoisting me up so that he“s carrying me. "Where“s Masha?"

"Masha came to my office the moment you froze over at the opening to the hallway," he answers retracing his steps from earlier. "There is a defensive spell here that I had placed in case I got any intruders, like my brothers for example."

"The hallway creates an illusion that the person or god is walking through an endless space when in actuality you“re just standing at the entrance of the hallway, Not moving and staring into space."

Shaking my head vigorously, I continue to cry into his chest, and whisper, "Why?"

Looking up at him, my

t to."

I swallow deeply, my cheeks flushing a cherry red as his eyes dart from my lips to my eyes, clearly, he“s thinking of kissing me. It“s only day one! Please...

"I“ll kiss you when I feel you“ve accepted me," He smirks moving away from me, his muscles straining against his shirt. "Only time will tell when you have."

With a hoarse and squeaky voice, I remind him, "You only have a week to make that happen."

Turning on his heel, he begins to walk into one of the book shelves when I hear his deep voice say.

"And by then you will have already accepted me."

I am not going to lose to him. The git!

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