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   Chapter 4

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Hades winces at my scream, taking this chance I back away from him, my heart pounding in my chest, my throat tight, my breathing erratic. It“s a myth. It“s not real. This isn“t real.

"Tori, please," He growls, his eyes flashing the red ring, his hands reached out towards me. "Keep it down."

Flinching away from his hands, I press my back into the wall that I somehow managed to back into. A dead end- of course, it“s a dead end! I“m a damsel in distress! Why is my life mirroring those cliche horror stories?

"Stay away from me," I whisper, my throat on fire as I say this. Why? I have no idea and I“m not going to stick around to find out. "Hades-no, Dominic please...stay away from me."

"Victoria," He heaves, staring at me, a flash of hurt in his eyes. "Don“t say that. You don“t mean it."

Hades makes his move to come to me and I shout,"STAY AWAY FROM ME, YOU MONSTER!"

As if an invisible barrier had been set up, Hades couldn“t reach me. I watch, my heart dropping to the ground as he walked head first into an invisible barrier which electrocuted him. Sparks fly and he is thrown backwards. Gasping I watch in horror as he writhes and twists on the cool marble floor.

No! A small voice inside me screams my body moves on its own and that small voice takes me over crying out to him,"HADES!"

My body runs to him as he stops moving on the floor and lets out a loud groan, pushing my long hair behind my ear, I find myself on my knees by his side shaking him slightly, my hands shaking as sobs wrack my body.

"Hades," I mutter through the tears streaming down my cheeks. "Dominic! Hey! Are you okay?"

Hades sits up and turns to me, his eyes dark and stormy, "Don“t you ever say that to me again."

When his words reach me, I suddenly feel as though someone had just splashed a bucket of cold water on me, snapping out of whatever trance I h

ad been ensnared in, I leap away from him like I“d been shot.

What just came over me? I raise my hands to my cheeks. Why am I crying?

Sniffing, I step back from him, my eyes wide and unseeing, my fingers trembling, the realisation that I have no idea where I am hits me on full. "Please...take me home. I want to go home."

"NO!" Dominic growls, the walls of the room we are in tremble as his voice shakes the very earth we stand on. "YOU ARE STAYING HERE! This is your home now."

Water flows like streams down my cheeks, I want to say something....I want to protest...but I can“t...the same thing from just now is preventing me from talking. So, instead, my knees give way and I am on the floor on my knees crying my heart out.

Hades comes to me, lifts me into his arms and starts to walk away, crying into my hand, I feel my heart swelling at the touch of his warm hands on me. My heart leaps into my throat, beating like there“s no tomorrow.

"It“s the bond," He murmurs down to me, as he uses his back to open a door. "My father...stored half of my powers in you and my grandmother...well, she made you compatible with me. You saw it for yourself if you don“t want me to touch you. I can“t. If I“m not wrong, you melted your alarm clock this morning and broke several others before which proves you have half of my powers."

Setting me down on what I assume is a bed which I end up sinking into, literally. Still sobbing, Hades sits by my legs, the feel of his eyes scanning my body...probably thinking where I“m weak.

"You are to stay in this room unless you wish to see me. I“ll call you if I need you and you may with my permission explore our home. These are the house rules."

Like that he leaves the room.

I want to go home...and I will even if it means I die trying. I conclude to myself, turning on my chest, crying into the plump pillows.

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