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   Chapter 3

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"Hey!" A deep unsettling voice says from outside the booth, startling me to drop all the papers. "Fancy bumping into you here."

Looking up to the stranger, I nearly scream when my eyes meet a pair of mesmerising warm hazel brown eyes. He“s wearing the same clothes from when I bumped into him, his deep voice sends chills down my spine.

"I see you“ve read the papers I gave you," He smirks at my reaction to him. "I“ll explain more once my shift“s over."

Passing me a pizza box and a paper plate with a slice of only cheese pizza, leaning over he comes so close to me his breath brushes the shell of my ear making me shudder.

"Don“t run. It“ll save me the trouble of finding you again."

I gulp. He“s crazy! These stories are called MYTHS for a reason! They aren“t real. This guy as hot as he maybe needs to get his head checked out. Grabbing the pizza box, I leave my pizza and run out the parlour as quick as I can.

I run all the way down the street and I am almost at the apartment complex when I make the big mistake of turning around. What was it they taught us in the movies? When you look back the villain is always right behind you and that“s how the damsel goes into distress.

I thought I was home free until I run into a lamp post, I fly backwards and land with a loud thunk on the concrete pavement, looking in front of me I see a silhouette of a man with crossed arms and a pair of large wings. Wait...wings? I must have hit the floor harder than I thought!

"I told you not to run. Now, look what you made me do," He sighs heavily, the wings closing and melting into his back.

Ignoring the pain spiking through my body, I spring to my feet wincing at the sharp pain that runs up my tailbone which I now suspect to be badly bruised. Ha-no, Dominic slowly walks toward

s me as I back away, slipping on the pizza box and landing on my butt again.

In a matter of seconds, he is right in front of me, bending down to help me up but I push his hand away from me. In the light of the street lamp, I see the ring around his iris is bright red. Something you can only pull off if you“re wearing coloured contacts which I doubt he is...

"Stay away from me you psycho!" I yell, trying to stand but fail miserably. "Leave me alone!"

In a swift move, I am no longer on the floor but in his arms...okay, arm. He just swept me off the ground! I didn“t even see him move! I struggle in his hold, but I stop once I feel something hard and long pressed up against my stomach.

"Sorry," He chokes out, his eyes a deep brown. "I can“t help it. Your smell and movements...uh...well, you feel it."

I blush a deep red, not moving at all. "My little mate..."

I am about to say “no“ when suddenly from behind me I hear a woman yell out.


Turning around in his loosened hold, I see my mum running to me, screaming at Ha-Dominic or whatever his name is before a tall column of flames rises from the ground and she disappears.

I scream as a falling sensation overcomes me, I turn my face into his warm chest as I see ground approaching but instead of the loud splat of my face hitting the ground.

A loud flapping sound like those of feathered wings is heard and like a parachute, I float down to the ground unharmed and not hurt.

Once safely on the ground, I turn to the guy who just if I“m not wrong. Kidnapped me.

"Who are you?" I whisper shakily, backing away from him. "Tell me. Please."

"Hades. The serpent. The devil. I go by many names sweetheart but I“d like if you“d call me Dominic."

That does it. I scream.

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