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   Chapter 50 NO.50

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I spend most of the flight time reading recently sent to me potential authors' works and working on editing them as the flight progresses on. The silence is deafening the few or only sounds coming from me clicking away at my keyboard.

Refusing the flight attendant's offer for dinner, I head into the in-flight bedroom to continue my work, getting out of the way of my brothers and the rest. The second the door closes behind my back, I can hear an uproar of angry cursing coming from my brothers.

Ten years...if you told my old self that in ten years time everything from my past will resurface and that I'd be not only marrying one of the richest bachelors in Seattle, Washington but also the Don of Cosa Nostra I would have believed you and chosen my paths differently to avoid all this.

I guess I would have believed anything anyone said to be back then regarding the organisations... Lying down on the bed, I look to the ceiling of the aircraft thinking how did something like having a new family that accepted me for who I was made me so happy but when they turned to a life of underground work all the happiness and love I grew to have for them just flies out of my body like a trapped bird from a cage.

"Knock knock, " Someone calls from the door, lifting my head off the bed I see that it's Alexander's assistant who I haven't had much interaction with since the beginning of the trip. "Can I come in, Miss?"

Shrugging, I drop my head back down to the bed, a weight to the left of where I'm laying tells me that he's sitting down and looking at me. Turning my head to the side, I assess him mentally. Blond, intelligent, handsome, blue eyes, strong build. Another Cosa Nostra member?

"Eric Oswald, " He introduces, looking at me with inquisitive eyes. "I don't think I got to speak to you at all during this whole trip. I'm Mr Holt's office assistant, Devon is his personal assistant."

I hum a small response not really caring about his position in Alexander's company, turning away from him, I divert my attention to the ceiling. Cosa Nostra...Triads...what's next? My supposedly dead mother comes back from the dead? My biological father hunts me down and shoots me like he did my mother?

"I have never seen someone as depressed as you look right now, " Eric states with a hint of humour, even looking at him laying down I can tell he's trying to buy time for something. "If anything, I'm a pretty good listener."

Scoffing, I sit up straight, turning to look at him and his smile disappears at my deadpan look I'm giving him, turning back to look at the plain wall, I state, "If you're here to ask me why I'm avoiding my fiance and my brothers then just ask it straight out. I don't appreciate men who waste my time by beating around their imaginary bush."

Well, that came

is nothing, nothing compared to this devastation.


Arriving at the airport at three in the morning, the sky is dark, sleep is the furthest thing from my mind right now as I get down the plane with my duffle bag. Earlier during the flight, I had called someone who I had recently gotten into contact with just before I met Alexander to pick me up on the tarmac seeing as Olivia and her um...boyfriend? are both related to Alexander I can't go back to her apartment. Also, Olivia is pregnant so I should give them at least that much privacy.

Spotting the green range rover and the tall manly figure leaning against it in a distance, I start up a short jog to him and he notices me immediately, jumping into his hug, I squeal as he spins me around.

"Welcome back, sis, " He smiles, his brown eyes that match mine stare at me warmly in the dim light of the night, his hand slipping my duffle bag off my shoulder. "Have you been crying?"

"Damian, " I roll my eyes at him, pretending that I don't feel the soreness of my eyes, I shake my head to answer his question. "Nice to see you too."

Opening the door to the passenger seat for me, I accidentally look over his head and I see eleven long figures staring at me in the darkness, their feelings of hurt and betrayal float to me like a universal message but I know for one it's nothing compared to how I felt back then.

I can easily tell Alexander's silhouette apart from the rest of them but what I didn't expect is the heartache I feel as he watches, true to his promise of us being perfect strangers, helplessly as I board the car of another man who he doesn't know.

"You okay?" Damian asks, look behind his shoulder, realising what I'm staring at. "Are they people you know?"

Smiling, I seat myself comfortably and reply almost happily, "Nope. I don't know them at all."

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