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   Chapter 49 NO.49

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 5775

Updated: 2018-05-15 13:58

In the hotel room, I am silent as Alexander shuffles around grabbing fresh clothes for me and packing some of our used things in preparation to go back to Seattle. I'm still in my drenched clothes standing in the doorway where he left me.

"Go take a bath, " He says as he passes me a towel and some clothes he picked out from my overnight bag. "Warm up a little."

Nodding, I shakily take the things from him and go into the bathroom. Gazing at myself in the mirror. A pale and haunted ghost stares back at me as ignore how swollen my eyelids are from the crying. He didn't ask where I got the jacket...

Slipping into the bathtub as it fills with the warm water, I bathe quickly and methodically, thinking only of each second in front of me. Now squeeze body wash bottle. Put body wash bottle back on the rack. Rub cloth on face, on shoulders... on and on, all simple, mechanical actions, requiring simple mechanical thoughts.

Finishing the bath before the water even fills up to my waist, I get out and dry myself quickly. Dressing in the bathroom, I put on the tight jeans the Alexander picked out for me, my limbs all jelly-like from running too much without stretching. The white shirt he picked out for me is long sleeved and curved at my office shirt...Did I pack this?

Once dressed fully, I head out to the room. Alexander sits at the foot of the bed flipping through his phone, silently I place my wet clothes and the jacket into a plastic bag packing it in with the rest of the clothes. Spotting the silver dress and the shoes inside my bag, I push them aside to make space.

"When we get back to Seattle, can I have some time away?" My voice is clear and calm, devoid of emotion, I sound like

gently slips my bag out of my tight grip, our fingers brush against each other and I feel an electric shock go through my arm to my chest where my heart skips a beat.

"The cars' are waiting, " He utters, walking ahead of me to press for an elevator. "I'll finish checking out then we leave."

Nodding, the elevator arrives and we step into it. Not holding hands not even standing near each other, neither of us say anything to the other as we descend to the lobby and like he instructed, I head for the cars while he heads for the reception desk.

Going into the backset, the driver nods a greeting to me, flashing me a warm smile which I do my best to reciprocate but in the review mirror I can literally hear my face creaking with how hard I'm trying to give him a smile.

Alexander enters the car, sitting up next to the driver, our bags somehow already in the boot, giving him instructions to drive us to the airport, the car moves off. I stare blankly out of the window as the car hobbles and bobbles, and the enormity of what I've learnt washes over me in the silence, taking the chance I begin to think things through there and then.

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