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   Chapter 48 NO.48

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 8219

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No...I can't do this. Not here. Not now. Especially after just discovering everything about Alexander, I can't. Slipping off his lap, I dash out of the restaurant forgetting that we just sat down only a few seconds ago but at this point, I can't be bothered about my grumbling stomach.

Voices call after me as I run out to the hotel lobby dodging people as I go, going out the main entrance, I head into the streets. My shoes thankfully are covered, it's raining outside and I'm already drenched but I don't want to find shelter. I just want to be as far away as possible from them all.

Oh my god, why did I run? Never mind it's too late to think things through...just get away from them all. Just run.

Stopping at an intersection a good five or six blocks away, where there's a crowd of people waiting for the light, I rest my hands on my knees trying to catch my breath, summing things up to try to calm myself down, in less than 24 hours I've learnt that my fiance is a major crime boss and the son of my childhood prince charming, I can handle that if given enough time to absorb the info, I end up sleeping with him and giving him the last shred of what I managed to preserve in my childhood.

The next morning I learn that the men who I have not only been hiding from for four years but also whom I've come to love as brothers are working under him, for him even in the same bloody company.

Why can't my past just die and stay dead? First, Mason comes back to life and now? My brothers are fudging killers!

I hid and ran from all eleven of them because a few years after I told them my past, I found guns and not the small kinds in Adam, Oliver and Keith's rooms, there were Blaser 93 Tacticals, FR F2 sniper rifles and HS Precision Pro Series 2000 IDF Baraks. All military grade weapons that are illegal in civilian possession unless they are trained professionals and I knew they weren't.

One night, Adam got into an argument with Dad and of course, it was about where he was disappearing off to in the middle of the night. Even from my position at the top of the stairs, I could see the fresh blood stains on his clothes and I knew its blood because I did everyone's laundry back then.

It got violent between them that night too and I nearly killed Adam on impulse there and then by throwing a pencil at his head...I missed and had hit his ear because of the number of tears dripping down my eyes that night and after that, I never sp

rain and my clothes begin to dry a little.

Uniting my hair, I let it fall to my shoulders, shaking it out to let it dry, further lowering the chances of being recognised. I don't know where I'm headed but I know I'm putting more and more distance between them and me.

10th September is the's the 26th of August ...15 days...can I really do this? After all that has been said and done...can I still marry Alexander? Even with my brothers' involvement with him...can I still love that man?

Funny how my brothers' involvement with him is making me question my love for the man himself. What does he have to do with my relationship with my brothers? He didn't do anything wrong...Did he?

"Janetta..." Alexander calls in front of me, startling me I look up and there he is. All of him. Why did I run from him? I ran from him...why?

"Hey, " He whispers softly, grasping tightly me by my arms, keeping me in place from running. "Are you okay? You just took off like you had the devil himself at your, talk to me. Please."

Tears fill my eyes as he silently waits for me to speak, sobbing uncontrollably, I can't breathe properly as my airway gets closed from my struggle to keep my tears at bay but somehow I manage to get out some of what I want to say, "Too...much...I...too much...I can't...can't..."

Alexander doesn't seem to understand but he doesn't ask questions, instead, I feel him lead me back along the way I ran, taking me back to the hotel. I feel numb and somehow I have escaped from my body and am now a casual observer to this unfolding tragedy that is me. it

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