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   Chapter 46 NO.46

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 11942

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Warning: Contains a love scene.

Complentating my answer for a second, I answer, " I think it was so that they had a reason for sending me back to the ringmaster...I mean you don't just send someone back there unless they're totally useless or really disobedient though most of them are normally left for dead at some random less travelled road."

"I wasn't though...because I always asked to be returned so that I can continue my work in freeing others so they beat me up to make it look like I've been disobedient or something I guess, " I add as an afterthought, not really knowing how to explain why they hit me.

Alexander's hands stop moving on my back and I assume he's done so with the pillow still covering my chest, I turn around and sit up next to him. He sits next to me with his hands tightly knitted on his lap as he staring at blank space.

I am about to say something totally stupid to get him to say something when he suddenly speaks first, "How should I react to that, Janette?"

Shrugging, I answer in the most confident voice I can muster in a situation like this but I end up sounding like a weak mouse, "I don't kow...don't react to it? Smile and tell me everything's' going to be okay? It's up to you how you respond...I don't care."

Getting off the bed to get changed into some pyjamas, I almost fall face first to the floor when he wraps his arms around my waist, his forehead presses against the small of my back and his warm breath spread along the length of my lower back tickling me.

Opening my mouth to question him, I immediately close it the second I feel his lips on the scarred skin of my back, his tongue darts out to lick at some of the still raised lines, tracing them like a little boy would do to an activity book where there's a treasure box at the end of the puzzle.

My heart wrecks havoc in my chest as he slowly, tentatively makes his way up to my shoulders, a bundling heat forms across my face and I let out a tiny squeak when he's standing right behind me, his font pressed against my back. His mouth trails along my right shoulder, placing open mouthed kisses.

"Alex..."I groan as he skims over a spot that sends pleasurable tingles through my body, retreating back to that spot, Alexander sucks on it. Hard. My head lolls to the left to let give him more access, my back arches forward and I drop the pillow, my hands move on their own accord to entwine themselves in his hair.

His once wrapped around my waist hands move smoothly up my now fully exposed torso and before I can stop him, he cups both my breasts in his warm hands, my nipples peak at being touched so unfamiliarly.

Our breaths are short and quick as things get more heated between us, ravishing my neck like a starving man at a buffet, his fingers make a mess of me as he pinches and massages my breasts. All this while I do my best to keep my voice inside me but when one of his hands leave my breast to travel south like having cold water being splashed on me, I grab his hand to stop him.

"" I breathe heavily, turning around slightly to look at him, his grey eyes are a mesmerising liquid steel, breathing as heavily as me, he looks like a hot mess. I'm not sure I can say the same for myself. "I've never...I..."

His voice is deep and smooth like melted chocolate over strawberries when he cuts me off and I almost want to tell him to continue, "You told me to react however I wish to. This is how I choose to react to seeing that side of you. Let me, Janette. Trust me."

Trust him...can I trust him?

ove, baby, " he breathes after a moment, his voice tight.


He eases back with exquisite slowness. And he closes his eyes and groans and thrusts into me again. I cry out a second time, and he stills.

"Feeling alright, baby?" he whispers, his voice raw.

"Yes, " I breathe. He does it once more and stills again. I groan. My body is accepting him and my mind is scattered like bird poop.

"Again?" he breathes into my ear, clearly sounding worried for me.

"Yes." It's a plea.

And he moves, but this time he doesn't stop. He shifts onto his elbows so I can feel his weight on me, holding me down. He moves slowly at first, easing himself in and out of me. And as I grow accustomed to the alien feeling, my hips move tentatively to meet his.

He speeds up. I moan, and he pounds on, picking up speed, merciless, a relentless rhythm, and I keep up, meeting his thrusts. Kissing me hard, his teeth pull my lower lip, shifting slightly I can feel something building deep inside me, like before.

I feel myself starting to stiffen as he thrusts on and on. My body quivers, bows, a sheen of sweat gathers over me. I didn't know it would feel like this... didn't know it could feel as good as this. I stiffen.

"Come, " he whispers breathlessly, and I unravel at his words, exploding around him as I climax and splinter into a million pieces underneath him.He follows suite calling out my name as he reaches his own climax, releasing into me.

I am still panting, trying to slow my breathing, my thumping heart, and my thoughts are in riotous disarray. Opening my eyes, he has his forehead pressed against mine, his eyes closed, his breathing ragged. Alexander's eyes flicker open and gaze down at me, dark but soft. He's still inside me. Leaning down, he gently presses a kiss against my forehead then slowly pulls out of me.

Wincing at the unfamiliarity, Alexander's face shows everything from content to concern in a span of a millisecond. Hooking his arm under my knees and his other to support my back, he carries me up the bed to the pillows where he tucks me in gently.

"Sleep, " He smiles softly at me, rubbing his nose against mine in a comforting way. "You're tired. I'll clean up a little. Goodnight, my sweet."

I think I make a small sound of agreement before my tired body drags me into a soft sleep that is all to welcome on my exerted body.

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