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   Chapter 45 NO.45

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 6886

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Cosa Nostra...Cosa Nostra... the words surround me making me believe that this situation could be considered both a curse and a blessing. For one, I already know the group and for another...I had a serious crush on his dad when I was eight. Fudging crab sticks...

Pushing away from him, I stand a little way off to try to form a sentence in my brain to tell him things he may or may not already know but has not mentioned but it's better to drag all the skeletons out of the bloody closet right now.

"Alexander, I think I should have spoken first...there's so much more that you don't know..." I mumble, staring at him in a new light. "You've only scratched the surface of my past, Daniello and the others swore to never reveal the real reason why I was untouchable or why I was so often passed around, one for the sake of their male ego or whatnot and the other for my sake."

"Early on, when I was first bought, my owner was pretty old and he didn't want me for servitude or sexual favours, he bought me because he saw potential in me. He trained assassins and I was his latest project. I literally absorbed everything he taught me and I ended up killing my first target when I was six. In his words, 'Who would ever suspect an itty bitty kid to kill them?' and it made sense. Who would?"

Tears fill my eyes and my voice wavers as I get the rest of my words out, "When he sent me back to the ringmaster, his group were the first ones to beat me rotten, I didn't understand but I let them because I was still a child and I didn't know any better. Every time I was resold and someone tried to bed me, I'd almost kill them with whatever I could use in their bedroom and I'd strike a deal with them."

" I killed so many in exchange for the sake of saving those who I could, " I cry, my tears messing up my make up in the process. "I didn't know what else I could have done to save them. Alexander, if we marry, you or Danny could get killed, I still have people out there looking for me just so that they can avenge their family member or friend that I'v

k, I nearly turn right around when I feel his hand trail the length of my back thigh till he reaches my underbutt.

" back..., " I stutter, my brain totally is thrown off course the second his skin came into contact with mine, and in such an untouched place too. "I only on my b-back..."

He hums a response but he doesn't remove his hand instead he glides his hand over my behind that's covered slightly by my black panties and his warn hand rests near my side on the bed, his wrist touches my side and for some reason, all my senses have been startled awake.

The bed dips on my right and I feel the first swipe of the cold makeup wipe from my right shoulder to my side, the sound of him taking in a sharp breath tells me that a little bit of the scars are visible now.

For a long while, there's no other sound in the room other than our breathing and the occasional crinkling of the makeup wipe packet as he cleans the makeup off me. His left hand left the bed a little while ago when he was about halfway done with my back and is now lightly dancing along the scars causing goosebumps to rise on my skin.

"Why?" He asks gruffly as he runs what I think is the fifth wipe along the small of my back, his left-hand fingers what I think is the longest scar there. "You were just a child...why the hell would they do this to you?"

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