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The party is like what I expected it to be...lots of people dressed to the nines holding glasses of wine here and there making efforts at small talk. Alexander holds me by my waist as he converses with a boring looking old man who seems to be very interested in what he has to say.

Looking around the room, I can subtly tell that this is not your typical business gathering. Noting the strange uptight presence everyone here seems to carry themselves with and the strange men in suits that lurk around every other exit. It gives me a sense of deja vu because if it isn't a business party that's hosted by a friend as Alexander said it is, it could pass as a child slave auction held by Peter Killingsworth, one of Europe's top human trafficking bosses, but then again it could just be me being paranoid.

Feeling Alexander's lips on my bare shoulder, his warm breath warms my cold skin, smiling to myself, I let my mind be distracted from the obvious danger signs of our surroundings to be lost in the momentary bliss of his lips on me.

"How are you liking the date so far?" He murmurs casually as though it's only us in the room, the wine glass in my hand tilts slightly as I feel my body go limp as his lips roam my neck. "Janette?"

Swallowing deeply, I do my best to keep a moan from escaping my lips as he moves his lips up and down my neck, probably thinking that since I didn't say anything to stop him while he was kissing my shoulder, it's okay to move up to my neck. He's been like this since he asked me out and I'm reminded of the time he was sick and things got heated.

But he doesn't have a fever so I'm genuinely confused right now...

"Hey, hands off, " Adam growls behind us and Alexander's lips disappear from my neck, looking at him, I see that he has his lips in its usual tight line and I too kind of wish we weren't interrupted by the arrival of my bothersome brothers well. "I know she's gonna marry you but spare us the details of what goes on in your room."

I want to smack him right now. Eyes all around the room turn to look at us the once low murmuring around us ceases as everyone stares at our little group either out of mortification for Alexander and I or in curiosity at the couple supposedly doing 'it' right in the middle of a room full of strangers.

"Hey!" Theo groans, punching Adam in his shoulder for fun. "That's my line."

My brothers chuckle deeply, giving off a warm ripple of calmness to me, reminding me of simpler days where all I could worry about was my past, and yet here I am now surrounded by these 11 men who I've been hiding from for the last three years.

Speaking of my past... this should be a good time to talk, "Um...Alexander...I'm feeling kind of stuffy here...can we go outside for a while..., " I whisper, tugging on his suit jacket to get his attention. "I'm getting a little light headed..."

at night, and she saw everything."

"She disappeared shortly after I explained everything to her, next thing I knew my guys are telling me she's prancing off with another man and a manila folder with divorce papers arrive at my apartment. The reporters had a field day with my divorce and it became public property but the excitement of it died down as soon as it had started up."

"No more than a month after our divorce she's remarried to her apparent high school sweetheart and I'm stuck with a baby I have no idea how to care for, " he sighs with a sense of finality, his face mere inches away from me, his grey eyes are full of tiredness and I finally understand why he is the way he is with me. "Then, Lucifer set me up to bump into you at that coffeehouse."

Holy cow...

"There is nothing about you that you have to warn me about, " he sighs, his thumb strokes the side of my waist softly and surprisingly I feel pretty clam learning all this about him, actually it explained a lot of the things that has happened over the last few weeks since I've known him. "Adam told me that he doesn't want your first marriage to be a loveless one and that if he was going to let me marry you I have to love you and I'm pretty sure I do but I had to tell you everything if I had kept on trying to hide it you'd just leave me like Lilian."

"Say something, Janette, " he urges leaning into me so that our foreheads are touching and I can feel him being there for me while I try to wrap my head around all the new information he's just divulged to me. "Anything...just don't keep standing there and staring at me like that..."

What can I say?

"I...I...What am I supposed to say in a situation like this?" I ask him softly, laughing as I do thinking that it's a really stupid question to ask. "What organisation was your father the head of?"

Kissing me on my lips in a quick peck, he answers, "Cosa Nostra."

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