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   Chapter 43 NO.43

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Sleeping in a cold bathtub in a marbled bathroom is not an ideal way to sleep...ever. Honestly, I wouldn't even wish this on my worst enemy. My back feels like a wooden board and my skin is all clammy and printed because of the robe.

The worst part about hiding in here is the fact that you don't know if the person you're hiding from is outside the door waiting for you. Honestly, I'm scared, after what happened last night, I don't know what to say when it comes to explaining why I bolted.

I mean that time when we were in that tub in that hotel...he didn't touch my back since I was sitting forward as much as I could back then and it was steamy in the bath also when I mentally threatened to cut off his sausage for his breakfast I had his shirt on so it was safe and when we sleep together I sleep as far away as possible and I face his back.

Pale pink lines crisscrossing the whole of my back, some with rough jagged edges and other raised ones that could be obvious I don't know but hopefully when he pulled back the covers last night and I turned my back to him he didn't notice them because of his anger.

That was done on impulse as an extra precaution...just in case Kace didn't make it out in time.

Body concealers have helped before like whenever I had to wear a backless or low cut dresses but I haven't worn anything of that sort since I left Georgia for University mostly because Adam used to help me with the ones in the middle of my back, I never could reach those.

Opening the bathroom door, I half expect him to in the suite but I am surprised when I find both rooms empty. No note or even a text message on my blackberry. Sighing, I feel my unnecessary worry escape my body making my mind feel lighter.

"Hungry, Alastora?" Devon asks behind me appearing out of nowhere, causing me to jump at his voice, my nerves still raw from the excessive amount of worry it had.

Holding up a plastic bag with a styrofoam box inside he smirks, "Alexander's with your brothers, I was put here on babysitting duty in case another 'friend from the past' appears."

Glaring at him, I snatch the plastic bag out of his hand and head towards the makeup table in my room to eat, "It's Janette. Don't call me that cursed name again, Vincent."

Calling him by his old name should bring my point across...

Raising his hands in surrender, he swaggers behind me, standing by me as I open the packet meal of noodles and a fried egg digging in as he opens his mouth to speak, "Your scars were showing last night..."

My jaws stop working when he says this, attracting my attention to him, I forcefully swallow my half chewed mouthful as I wait for him t

returns quickly holding a stack of papers. Our contract... I think...

Ripping the papers into halves, then fours then eighths, my eyes grow wider with every tear he makes and finally he dumps the shredded pieces into the dustbin before coming back to me and taking my hands in his.

"The wedding will still go on, " He begins, holding my hands tightly in his, kneeling on both his knees. "This is me asking. Not the business side of me but just me asking you to let me get to know you better as a man and not your employer."

"Go out with me on one date, " he urges me, squeezing my hands. "Honestly, six of your eleven brothers voted on this, agreeing it'll be good for us both to stop working so much and relax."

Wait till I find out which six...

Taking a deep breath, I form my response as I speak, "First off, I told you I never want to hear the word 'shit' in front of Danny granted he's not here but good habits are formed at all times so 'Crab' is good enough or 'Sugar honey iced tea' depends on you. Secondly, how dare you rip up the contract? I could have recycled the paper into drawing paper for Danny. Thirdly—"

"Thirdly, you'll go out with me, " He smirks in his usual way that makes me think he's just taking a mickey out of me. "It's not much of a first date but remember the function at my friend's house I mentioned before? Let's start from there."

I am speechless. He just basically cut me off in the middle of my ranting and basically agreed on my behalf to go out on a date with him.

Either that or he just wants to take me to his friend's house instead of showing up like a sore loser without a date...

The second theory seems more plausible...although I did say he's a changed man this is still Alexander Holt we're taking about here.

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