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   Chapter 42 NO.42

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 6342

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"李先生? 对不起, 这么晚打给你, " I speak in Chinese, swallowing the lump in my throat, silently praying that Daniello gets the hint. "李先生? 对不起, 这么晚打给你. 其实我的老公想和您谈一谈我和您同龢关系我想他以为我在欺骗他."

Daniello seems to get the hint so I pass the phone to Alexander who glares at me as he places the phone on loudspeaker. "Is this Mr Lee from the publishing company working with Bloomsburg Publishing House?"

I wait with bated breath as Daniello takes a deep breath on the other line. Please...please...cover for me...wait...does he even know Chinese?

"Me no no engwish, " Daniello answers in an imitation of an old Chinese man with false teeth. "You isa Janeete huuusbond yesh? Me she no fuun, she me week allo timeo...geet neet."

The phone goes dead in his hand and I feel like I need to faint. His impersonation is interesting, to say the least, but...will Alexander actually believe that that was an old man with no English education on the phone?

Waiting for his reaction, I am relieved when I see the ghost of a smile on his lips and his attempt to not laugh as he hands me back my flip phone saying, "I can understand why you decided to learn Chinese. If he spoke English like that every day at the office you'll never get to do any work done."

Oh god...thank god...he took the bait...thank to go on to the rest of the lie. Putting on an upset face, I pretend to look both sad and offended as I stand there under the adjoining room door.

"I can't believe you'd think I'd cheat on you, " I mumble, actual tears forming in my eyes as I feel the pain of not having his trust, I mean we are going to be married for god's sake. "I feel really stupid right now...Kace doesn't look as half as handsome as you anyways..."

Turnning on my heel to enter his room as if I'm really angry, he does as I expect him to do, grabbing my arm he wheels me around to look at him, his grey eyes look apologetic and

As expected his reaction is slow and I manage to run past him, locking the door behind my back, I slide down the length of the door to the cool marble floor that feels like ice compared to my flaming skin, and vaguely through the thick door, I hear Alexander call my name.

There's confusion and hurt in his voice and I feel like the lowest person on earth because I'm the reason it's there and it's not because he found out about the many things I'm keeping from him but because I ran.

"I'm sorry, " I whimper, hugging myself on the cool floor. Apologising for more than just simply running away from him...I'm apologising for everything I've done and am going to do to him. "I'm so sorry Alexander..."

I hope that he'll forgive me if—no when I tell everything to him...I don't want to start this marriage, even if it's a contractual one, based on a mountain of lies so I'm going to have to tell him before or during the wedding.

Yeah, that's my deadline. Our wedding day.


"Mr Lee? Sorry for calling you this late at night, " I speak in Chinese, swallowing the lump in my throat, silently praying that Daniello gets the hint, "Actually, my husband wants to talk to you about our relationship. I think he thinks I'm cheating on him."

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