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   Chapter 41 NO.41

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 7528

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How did things turn out this way? He should have run when he had the freaking chance but no—instead he stands in the next room like an idiot. Jeez, and he's one of the triad bosses? I can see why Mr Lee laughed so hard when I told him my first impression of Kane.

And I freaking kissed Alexander to give him extra time. God, the humiliation of it is too much even for me to bear.

Jumping out of the bed, I shiver at the cold air of the bedroom as I grab a hotel robe from the closet, the gears in my head work ten times harder as I try to figure out a way to diffuse the situation I seem to have created. Crabbyolies, if I knew he'd be back so soon, I wouldn't have invited Kace up here to talk more about the deal.

Throwing open the adjoining room door, I literally run face smack into Alexander's broad back. I can literally feel the rolls of anger and betrayal leaking out of him, the tension between the two frozen men could be thick enough for a knife to cut.

"'s not what you think..., " I whisper, reaching out to grasp his shirtsleeve, he tenses as soon as my fingers touch him. "Please...I—"

Alexander turns around so quickly that my soul would have jumped out of my body if it could, pushing me up against the door frame, the slit of the robe falls open exposing my thigh, my cheeks flush a bright red at this and with my hands held above my head, I am totally at his mercy.

"Run before I kill you, " he growls lowly, his voice laced with an undercurrent of danger and promise as his grey eyes stare angrily at my brown ones. "If I ever see you near my wife again, you'd think letting you go now is merciful."

Kace makes eye contact with me asking me what his mouth can't, should he go? Will I be okay? Giving him a short nod, Kace takes off like a rabbit being chased by a greyhound.

Okay, save Kace's butt how am I going to save mine?

I did not think this through now, did I?

" was your meeting? Sure it must have been boring but did the hand over go through?" I ask as casually as I can, trying to forget that I am hoisted against a door frame that connects two hotel rooms by my so-called fiancé. "Have you eaten yet? Do you want me to run to the mall next door to get you so

eeding tips."

Sounds plausible to me...will he take the bait?

"李先生, doesn't sound like a breastfeeding tip or diaper brand, don't you think so?" He whispers into my ear his time warning and dangerous. "Tell me the truth. Who is Mr Lee?"

I thought he didn't know Chinese?! Oh, wait...maybe he knows but only the basics...

"Mr Lee is an owner of a publishing company here in Taiwan...we met at a conference last year, " I breathe out, trying to sound conceded like I've been found out.

Letting go of me, Alexander stomps over to my bed where he takes out my flip phone and the blood in my veins run cold.

"Call him, " Alexander growls, throwing me the phone. "Prove it to me that he is an owner of a publishing company here in Taiwan."

Looking from the phone to him, I try to think of a way to get out of this, crossing his arms across his chest he stands a little way off from me as waits for me to dial the number, knowing full well that I can't call Mr Lee, I decide to call the one man who I know I can depend on.

The keypad beeps and boops as I dial the American number, placing the phone to my ear it rings for a little while before someone picks up, his deep familiar voice rings through the phone, calming my frayed out nerves.

"Alastora, " He murmurs into the phone, his voice has deepened with his age and he sounds more mailer than ever. "You've finally called."

My first love. Daniello Costa. The leader of the Costa Nostra gang. Oops, ex-leader now...I think...

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