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   Chapter 40 NO.40

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 7159

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Alexander's Point Of View.

It's already eleven in China time, the guys are exhausted and so am I. Paperwork and dinner afterwards was terrible. The man who was supposedly the COO of the shipyard got so drunk he needed to have his wife come and pick him up.

The guys have been keeping their distance from me clearly noticing my foul mood, having found that the flip phone's memory had been totally wiped clean and unretrievable my mood for the night deteriorated.

"The boss looks like he's got shit stuck up his ass, " Theo's voice whispers behind me as we go on our way back to the hotel. "Do you think he's constipated?"

A loud whack behind me tells me that either Keith or Adam had knocked him over the head which saves me the effort of opening his side of the car to kick him out. Janette's lie is tearing my brain apart. What on earth could that woman be hiding?

My brain is flooded with depressing scenarios that get wilder and wilder as we approach the hotel, most of them include her having an affair all this while or even having a business outside her job as an editor.

Gritting my teeth as we pull up outside the hotel foyer, a black sedan is in front of us as we exit the car, a lady with beautiful wavy brown hair in a short silver dress and a man's jacket is bending to talk to her companion in the car who follows out after her.

He looks fairly young like he's near his late twenties, his white shirt is slightly crumpled and he has a large goofy grin as he looks down at his lady. I can't see the woman's face but she seems to be really entranced at whatever he is telling her.

Watching them, they walk into the hotel and straight to the elevators where I lose sight of them. Devon comes up to me suddenly, nudging my shoulder, his green eyes full of concern. Sighing, I point in the general direction of where the couple disappeared.

"There was a couple, a woman in a silver dress and a guy in a business shirt, " I say thoughtfully remembering how the woman seemed to be captivated by her man. "I wonder if I ever told Janette about Costa Nostra would she ever look at me the way that woman did to that m

my mind runs wild forcing the green-eyed monster to appear.

Shaking her shoulder roughly, Janette sits up with a jolt and the blanket piles itself around her stomach exposing her chest. Rubbing her eyes, she gives me a short glance before moving forward and capturing my lips in a soft kiss.

Smiling like a cat that's got cream, she wags her finger in my face, "I love you too, Alexander. Let's sleep already..."

She's cute when she's like this. My mind completely forgets the original reason for coming into her room and searching the place sighing, I begin to see sense and realise that there's no way she could be cheating on me since we are on a different continent after all, also remembering the large shopping mall next to the hotel which I assume she went to since couldn't have found the seven eleven downstairs being as clumsy as she is.

Kissing her forehead, I lay her back down and gesture to Devon to cease the search. Nodding, he whispers a hurried goodnight before practically running out of the room, going over to the door that leads to my room, I give one last glance to her sleeping figure on the bed before passing through.

To say I'm shocked is an understatement when I see what's waiting for me in my room.

A man with jet black hair, brown eyes behind black-framed glasses in a white dress shirt and black business pants stands totally frozen next to the vanity table.

Well, fuck me...

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