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   Chapter 39 NO.39

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 5869

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Deciding to go with no makeup, I stand in front of the full-length closet mirror to see how I look, having found a curling iron in the bathroom, I spent a good portion of the four hour preparation time trying to give my hair a soft wavey look but as a result, my curls look messy and they fall around me like a messy blanket.

The dress fits perfectly and so do the shoes which makes me wonder how he knew my foot size in the first place but then again he is one of them so he could have found it out even if he didn't want to. It's a waste though to get me such things since I honestly, don't know how to doll myself up.

Thank goodness Alexander left four hours ago...he'll make fun of how I look right now.

Biting my lower lip at the thought, I grab my small black cheap clutch that was on sale at a second-hand shop, putting in the cell phone, my blackberry, room card and my wallet with my passport. Taking a deep breath, I go through possible scenarios of what might happen tonight when I sneak out.

"If by any unlucky chance, I get caught by one of the guys..." I mutter to myself under my breath as I slip on the shoes. "I'm going to have to deny, deny, and deny."

My hands drop to my side as I realise how feeble my response is to the guys finding out. Glancing at the ring on my left hand, I debate whether or not to keep it on tonight, my heart drops as I realise that I have to take it off for tonight's meeting.

It's inevitable...if his son is anything like his father was...I can't give away those who are dear to me...I'm too much of a chicken to do that to Alexander no matter how bad he has been to me before. Plus, Danny might get caught in the crossfire...

Slipping the ring off, I place it on the makeup table as I leave m

through my body.


"Thirteen years and you still look like a princess, Alastora, " He murmurs to me, calling me by my old name surprising me by speaking first and completely ignoring what happened just now. "Beating you was a pleasure back then."

His words cut deeply into my heart, the skin on my back tingles at the mention of his beating, forcing my lips to lift into a small delighted smile, I give him a reply in the most nonchalant way I can manage in a situation like this, "Of course it was. You sure got me back for being in your father's bed."

My heart pounds in my ears as the sedan pulls up in front of a large black painted gate that slides open as soon as the driver had tapped a card to a scanner. Is it the same? Jeez, Mr Lee needs to up his security system soon.

My car door opens as the driver pulls up in front of the large double doors with the traditional Chinese knocker on them. The kind with lions and the hoop in their open mouths. Getting out of the car, Vincent surprises me by coming over to me and offering me his arm.

"Alastora, " he speaks, his brown eyes meeting my own as we walk into his father's home.


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