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   Chapter 38 NO.38

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 4887

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It's been almost thirteen years since I was last in China and almost ten years since the flip phone has rung. As per their request, I always kept the phone on me in case any of them ever come to America or if I travelled to their countries. Never did I expect them to find out my arrival so soon.

Having a call from him really lifted my spirits a little since they all still watch out for me even after retirement. It's good to know that what I did in the past is being passed down to their successors.

Lying on the bed, I take a deep breath as I wait for Alexander to go to work later so that I can sneak out to meet Mr Lee. He should be around fifty-five also if I'm right he should have just passed on his position to his son this year, after all, he did tell me back then he wanted to retire as soon as he felt his son was capable enough.

The hotel room bell rings suddenly, making me jump out of the bed. Frowning I wonder if it's one of my brothers wanting something from Alexander. Going to open the door, I am surprised to see one of the staff members of the hotel with a clothes bag, a shoe box and a card.

Passing all the items to me without saying anything, he gives me a nervous smile before bowing lowly and leaving. Puzzled by his strange actions, I take the items to my room where I open the card first, my face scrunches into a cringe when I read the first line. This old man...

小蝴蝶, 我碰到一件非常漂亮的连衣裙, 我想如果你今晚穿的会很漂亮.

一辆车会在六点钟来接你, 在那时请准

eed to know."

I guess I don't need to tell you where I'm going tonight. If you're not going to tell me certain things, it'd only be fair for me to return the favour. right, Alexander?

Nodding at his response, I give him a half smile, lie back down and close my eyes, "I'm going to sleep some more. Don't forget your room card when you leave, I won't wait up for you."

Chuckling slightly, he pats my head and leaves my room, from my position on the bed I watch just as the door closes behind him, springing out of bed, I turn to look at the bedstand to see what he left there. A jolt runs through my body when I see the small flip phone.

How did he know it's mine? I'm pretty sure I left it in his room...

Crab...I think I'm in trouble... Is this a warning?


Little Butterfly, I came across this beautiful dress and I thought if you wore it tonight you'll be beautiful.

A car will pick you up at 6, please be ready by then.

Mr Lee

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