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   Chapter 37 NO.37

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 7430

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Alexander's Point Of View

Walking to the rental car, I note how grouchy Janette looks with her long brown hair in tangles imitating a bird's nest, her pretty chocolate eyes look darker than normal begin clouded with sleep and all. Almost like a zombie. She should have gotten more sleep than she usually does without that baby here...

"I can't believe I fell asleep...on a plane, " she mutters to herself, dragging her feet as she tries to keep up with my long strides. "Worst experience ever..."

Oh, that's what's bugging her? She sounds like a teenager... In a short distance, I see Adam standing next to the hired driver waving us over, the rest of the men must have already left in their own vehicles. Janette sighs heavily when she sees what I'm looking at.

"Sorry for them, " She mutters to me, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she watches her eldest brother wave at us like a little boy at a funfair. "They've always been... a weird bunch. My brothers."

Letting myself a little smile at her apology, I feel her eyes dance at the side of my face watching me, shaking off the odd feeling of being watched by her, I open the car door and she folds herself neatly behind the driver's seat.

Slamming the door, Adam catches me by my arm as I round the car to go into the seat next to her, his light brown eyes glance over to the side and I follow his gaze to see Mason Salvatore walking on the tarmac with a leggy barely dressed brunette on his arm.

Anger towards this man rises into my throat as he smiles and laughs with the girl who not so surprisingly looks similar to a certain young lady who has eleven brothers, though there are certain things that differentiate the two ladies. Janette, for instance, wears glasses and she doesn't and the fact that she's too skinny to pass as her doppelganger.

"He's here for the auction, " Adam growls eyeing the filth of a man, his fists clenched at his side to contain his anger. "The girl next to him..."

I nod acknowledging that I know what he's trying to say. Huffing angrily, he storms into the passenger seat, slamming the door to make a point of his anger.sighing heavily, I give one last glance to the pair before disappearing into the car.


she speaks as though she's trying to avoid being overheard, she gives a few 'mhm's and a few 'ah's before she continues to speak. "你的儿子已经接管你的生意吗? 他知道我和你的关系 ... 好 ... 今晚我和他见面 ..."

Backtracking to the door, I on purposely open and close it loudly to announce my presence, in the bedroom I hear her scrambling to end the call and she appears in front of me faking her sleepness.

"Where did you go?" She mumbles, her voice dripping with sleep. My lips form a thin line as Adam's words from earlier come back to haunt me. It's fishy to me. "I want to know which room you want...I need to sleep."

Sighing, I go through the door that connects our rooms taking my duffel bag along with me in a silent response to her question, noticing her phone on the makeup table, I on impulse take it and slip it into my pocket.

I'll give it back later...

"Sorry my husband doesn't know Mandarin, " Janette speaks suddenly appearing by my side, rubbing her sleep lidded eyes as she converses with the desk clerk in fluent Mandarin. "Do you have a reservation under Alexander Holt or Devon...uh..."

"Mr Lee, I haven't heard from you for so long. How have you been lately?" She murmurs as softly as she can into her cell phone, covering the mouthpiece as she speaks as though she's trying to avoid being overheard, she gives a few 'mhm's and a few 'ah's before she continues to speak. "Did your son take over your business yet? Does he know about us ... good ...I'll meet him tonight..."

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