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   Chapter 36 NO.36

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 5316

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Alexander's Point Of View.

The plane cruises in the sky smoothly as I close the door to the in-flight bedroom where Janette sleeps soundly. A dose of Temazepam in her water knocked her out in seconds for which I can be thankful that she has zero tolerance to drugs.

"Alex, was it really necessary?" Adam laments, crossing his legs as he sips his glass of scotch. "Drugging her will make her suspicious. She never sleeps during a flight especially after a meal like that. She hates steak and grilled chicken."

James chuckles humorlessly at this before giving me a low glare, "Why did you bring her along? She knows nothing about Cosa Nostra, fuck she doesn't know we're part of it. She'll get herself killed during this trip."

Murmurs of agreement float among my men which make me dig my nails into my palm to keep myself from reminding them of who I am. I know Janette has next to zero experience with anything to do with the underground syndicates, her reaction in the hotel room proved so, this trip is fundamental in our business and not only on the legal side.

"She is bound to find out sooner or later. Who we are and what we do. Apparently, she has been hiding from the eleven of you for the last three years, do I want to know why?" I hiss at them, letting a spark of my father's attitude show through me. "Janette doesn't know and I am fully aware of that but she has however seen what's it like to be in a human trafficking circle that in itself is enough experience for me to have here with us."

Thirteen pairs glare at me and I sigh giving up on convincing them that

d my piece, I get out of my seat and go over to the bedroom where I open the door to see my girl snoring into her pillow suffocating herself, a smile finds its way onto my lips as I watch as she whimpers from a nightmare or whatever like she does every night.

Sitting on my side of the bed, I gently push her over allowing her to breathe once more but her whimpers continue, so as I do every night I place my hand on her stomach and gently rub her jacket covered stomach up and down as her whimpers of pain fade into soft continuous snores.

"I'll tell you a secret, " I find myself saying to her sleeping figure. "We've met before when we were younger. You used to hate me with every fibre of your being and you still do. You knew me as the successor of the Cosa Nostra."

"Well, baby, I'm now what my father was. The Don."

***Any relation to a person living or dead in this chapter and book are purely coincidental. All names and people in this book are fiction, none of it is real. Just some weird things that come from a child's imagination. ***

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