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   Chapter 35 NO.35

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 5620

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My mind is a mess and so is my heart, I had guessed he worked with Alexander after seeing him that night in the hotel but never in my wildest dreams did I think we'd meet again after that night.

I was in college where the guy I was dating throughout my studying there broke up with me after the finals, a spark of recognition ignites for a split second before he covers it up, giving me a curt nod before turning away from me.

"Anderson, may I introduce to you my fiancé, " Alexander's voice breaks my train of thought and not knowing how close to the edge of the chair I was, I ended up falling to the floor. "And she has fallen. You alright, Janette?"

Why would you care? Nodding my head, I grab the bar stool for support as I heave myself onto my feet.

Rubbing my behind, I force a smile, "I'm fine, Alexander. Um...nice to meet you..."

I have no idea what else to say...

"Todd Anderson, " he introduces himself to me, holding his hand out for a handshake. "It's a pleasure to be your acquaintance."

An acquaintance, eh? Well, I didn't acknowledge that I know him so I'm guessing he's playing along. Taking his hand, I feel a shiver run up my arm and down my spine as his liquid brown eyes stare intensely into my chocolate brown ones. He definitely recognises me though.

"Mr Holt, " Todd nods to his boss, letting my hand go, his face all serious and tense like he's worried about something. "Mrs Holt."

Eh...he spat that title out as if it were acid on his tongue. Walking away, there's a deja vu like pang in my heart, my legs turn into a concoction of inconsistent jelly and I place a hand on the bar chair for support.

This is the second time I've

side, at least he answered my question.

The attendant comes by once more and this times he sets down the food in front of us, chicken for me and steak for Alexander. Without even asking if I wanted to sit by him for dinner, Alexander hoists me onto the uncomfortable low backrest-ed bar chair once more before taking a seat himself next to me. Rolling my eyes, I open the plastic containing the spoon, fork and knife and am about to begin eating when half a steak is plopped onto my plate and half my chicken is taken away.

Looking to Alexander who cuts into his steak as if nothing happened, I give a small chuckle and give his steak back to him in exchange for his mashed potato and his mushroom soup. He doesn't seem to mind this since he says nothing of it.

"'s so sweet!" Theo whispers very loudly to the rest of my brothers who have all quietened down. A bright flash goes off making me wince at how bright it was. "This moment where the boss isn't a hostile bear with a headache must be commemorated!"

Needless to say, he was thrown back into the toilet again, this time however by Alexander.

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