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   Chapter 34

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Watching my brothers insult each other is one of the more comical things that followed me through the remainder of my childhood, my Dad used to say he“s rasing gorillas instead of boys but of course, he said that with humour...I think.

Feeling a pair of eyes on me, I turn from watching my brothers to the source of the disturbance at the side of my face, my eyes are met with the intense brown ones of Devon who glances off to the front of the room where a lone figure sits near the bar.


A tight squeeze on my waist brings my attention to Adam whose lap I“m sitting in between, it“s a warning and I know that no less.

"I“m going to talk to him," I murmur to Adam as I remove his hands from my waist. "He“s going to be your brother in law so don“t go squeezing my waist in warning because he“s not the kind of guy to run away when you have eleven brothers."

"Really? We“re still on that time when we scared off your prom date? He did look like the kind of kid that“d rape you if you“re not looking and mind you were in our teens," Adam scratches his head in mortification at the memory. " I just want to warn you he“s a real asshole when he“s still in business mode."

I roll my eyes and practically bite my tongue to prevent myself from telling him that he“s an asshole most of the time at home too, getting up from my space between his legs I do my best to walk over to Alexander a

s eye sends a chill down my spine, "Because I can, Janette."

Jerk. What are you supposed to mean by that? Is because you have Danny?

"Excuse me, Mr Holt," a voice comes out of nowhere and I feel the hair on the back of my neck stand at the sound of that voice. "The calculations are done and it would take an estimated three million to get ZhengJiang Ltd. out of bankruptcy, this is not including the costs of renovation and employment."

He“s here...I can“t believe it... I thought to see him at the hotel was the last of it...did I somehow overlook him when I boarded the plane?

He looks the same as he did at university except he seems to be more muscular and he“s no longer wearing his signature black framed glasses. Wearing a suit and tie, he stands next to Alexander with an aura of confidence and pride something we both lacked while we dated. It“s much easier to recognise him without the surgical mask.

Todd Anderson.

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