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   Chapter 33

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I have no idea what would be more boring sitting in this aircraft listening to thirteen men talk numbers, foundations, construction and whatnot or staring out a circular window at passing shapeless mist. Personally, I think both are equally as boring the latter being slightly more so.

I don“t bother with the in-flight television since it just adds to my boredom with no good shows to watch but if Danny were here he and I could be watching the Lorax or Brave but no-the idiotic man who he will someday call Dad decided that since I“m his “fiancee“ I have to follow him halfway around the world with him without his“s been long since I met them?


"Alexander when was Danny born?" I interrupt the men“s discussion and everyone turns to look at me. "When was he born?"

Alexander thinks about it for a while and replies sounding a little bit unsure, "Fifteenth? February? This year?"

Calculating Danny“s age from when he was born, I find out that he“s only five months old and not ten months old when I met them so if I count forward he should is the twenty-fourth...six months old...just six months old.

"Alexander...," I trail off, my voice low and angry that this irresponsible big headed bastard doesn“t even know his son“s age. "How old is Danny now?"

"Uh...eleven months?" He says in a questioning tone, his grey eyes looking at me in frustration at disrupting his meeting. "If that“s all can we get back to work now wife?"

Standing from my seat, I walk straight up to him and for the first time in my life, I rear my hand back and let him have it. All eyes are on me and Theo takes out his phone to catch this “memorable“ moment.

"Your son is six months old," I shout at him clenching my fists by my side, my temper rising as I realise just how ignorant this man is. "If he were born this year in February then you would have gotten divorced in April a month after Danny was born which is not possible because a court wouldn“t give you sole custody of Danny unless your"

Standing up, Alexander places his hand on my shoulder and replies with no offence at all, "Your getting smarter and smarter every day aren“t yo

ay?" Adam smiles warmly at me, sitting me on his lap like he used to when we were alone at home and he had somehow managed to persuade me to watch a horror movie though this time, I shimmy myself in between his legs because I feel kind of embarrassed sitting on his lap with everyone else in the room.

My silence is no stranger to Adam since I never started talking to everyone until I was around twelve. He and Dad were the first two I spoke to.

Nodding, I watch the rest of my brothers eye Adam with jealousy and I realise Theo isn“t with us, " Theo still in the toilet?"

Will and Seth glance at each other before walking to the toilet and pushing the food car out of the way, out stumbles a disoriented but still breathing Theo who straightens his suit jacket while glaring at Will and Seth.

"Thank you, little sister, for actually remembering my existence," He speaks, sounding businesslike but kind of teasing as well. "Humph! I have lived with the rest of you for twenty-two years and none of you remembered that I was in that toilet."

Adam“s chest rumbles behind me as he laughs lightly, "We knew you were in there brother. We just didn“t care."

A bunch of “burn“s and “ohhh“s fill the compartment ad I giggle lightly at Theo“s childish reaction as he stomps his foot and all. devon and the other guy also laugh at the madness that is my family as my brothers poke fun at their second youngest sibling.

Yeah, this is my family. Plus three others.

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