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   Chapter 32

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 5341

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Why? Among all the people in his very successful and respected company, why did he have to choose them?

All freaking eleven of them too. Plus Devon and the other guy who was the one that let it slip that Alexander was going to Taiwan.

"So now you know who owns this aircraft," he whispers into my ear as he seats me next to the window.

Since when did my family own a freaking jet!?

The seat is plush and leathery and there is a table like the one you“d see in the dining car of a train in front of me. Before taking his seat opposite me, he leans across my seat to grab the seatbelt that“s deep in the space between the seat and the aircraft wall which he takes and tightens securely around my waist making me inhale sharply at how tight it is.

"No running now," he smiles deviously, clearly enjoying my discomfort. "Don“t even think of unbuckling yourself until the seatbelt light turns off."

"Hey, Alex," Adam growls from the seat across the aisle next to me, glaring at Alexander like he“d kill him if he were to so much as breathe for another second. "Hands off my little sister."

Theo laughs good-naturedly when the plane goes silent at Adam“s warning, "Come on Addy! Give it a rest! She“s going to marry him anyway, let them be a couple outside the bedroom as well. Oh right speaking about bedrooms, you two can sleep in the in-flight bedroom the rest of us-"

Before he even finishes talking, William has him restrained from the back and Seth has his hand covering Theo“s mouth, both of them look sheepishly over to Alexander and me before dragging Theo“s struggling body

watch what your hands touch! That“s my leg you bastard!" I scream at him, all fear of the ascent gone. "Don“t touch me so casually! You pervert!"

"Your wearing stockings," He shrugs, turning to look out the window, the beginnings of a smile forming on the edge of his lips and I feel totally mortified. "It“s not the first time I“ve touched you stop acting like I“ve never done that before."

My cheeks redden further at this, oh my god...the hotel...he...I can“t believe he remembers that! Butthead! He just had to bring that up...oh...but that was also the time he hit me... and the time I re-met Mason...

Mason...huh...odd...I haven“t heard from him...

"You can take off your seatbelt now we“re at cruising altitude," Alexander breaks my train of thought and I scramble to take off my seatbelt. "Make yourself comfortable. Your brothers and I have work to do."

That“s not surprising...this is going to be a long flight... I wonder if they“re going to let Theo out of the bathroom now...or they“ve probably forgotten they“d locked him in the bathroom.

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