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   Chapter 31

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Things between us have been really silent since last night. Not only because I am absolutely avoiding him but he“s been glued to his phone since I started packing for the trip. Not knowing what might happen, I“ve managed to pack enough for the weekend if our flight or anything is delayed.

The memory of our kiss and what might have happened if Danny hadn“t cried taunts me like the torturing silence between us though I might say the silence is also due to a small argument that I may have started.

"I want to bring Danny along," I whine for the fifth time since we left the apartment for the airport, my heart hurts with how much I already miss him. "He“ll miss me and cry all the time if I“m not there."

"Ford will manage," Alexander repeats himself once more, typing away on his iPhone, his face blank and annoyed. "We couldn“t bring him along because we“ll be attending a company function hosted by a friend and you wouldn“t want to expose a ten-month-old baby to alcohol."

Pursing my lips, I can“t help but agree slightly, "Then you could just go to the function on your own, I“ll stay with Danny in the hotel room watching BabyTv or Bear In The Big Blue House, I“m pretty sure if you turn around now I can grab both Danny and the CDs."

"No," He responds with a tone of finality, as he types away on his phone. "Danny is staying here in Seattle that“s final."

Crossing my arms, I purposefully kick his shin as hard as I can, this is me throwing a childish fit over being told “no“ at bringing my...his child overseas, what can I say? I love him as though he“s my own and I never want to be separated from him.

"God have

ppreciated I don“t like being read so thoroughly by him. It“s almost like he can read my mind.

"We“re here," He murmurs to me as the car pulls up next to an airstrip. Lowering the side window, I feel my hands get clammy as I eye the large white jet that sparkles int he light of the setting sun, my cheeks flush a bright red when the door is suddenly pulled open and Alexander stands with his hand outstretched to pull me out of the car.

"Private jet...why am I not surprised?" I shake my head and get out of the car on my own ignoring his hand to which his eyes glint as if he were enjoying a private joke. "What?"

"It“s not mine," He murmurs, guiding me up the stairs to the aircraft with his hand gently pushing me forward from its place on my lower back. "Look at the tail."

Shocked, I glance at the tail only to get blinded temporarily by the sun, stepping on the plane I find my ears to be filled with noise and I tense.


A chorus of deep male voices acknowledge me some sounding business like and others sounding playful or cheerful.

You“ve got to be kidding me.

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