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   Chapter 30

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 5716

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Taking his hand, I let him lead me to the bedroom and as we walk I find that my thoughts and emotions are all over the place trying to keep up with the amount of new information I“ve learned today.

Okay...let“s sum things up, I tell myself, taking a deep breath in preparation to list down what happened today. Everything will be clearer when I sum things up.

1) While out grocery shopping with Ms Denise and Danny, I was dragged away from them by a frantic Olivia.

2) Who dragged me though the streets too quickly that I ended up whacking myself into a lamp post. Where later I“m helped up by Vincent my long disappeared childhood ally who is now called Devon and happens to work for Alexander.

3) Another guy shows up and I find out Alexander is going to Taiwan and after a little bit of talking I find out he doesn“t least not in the same bed as me...most of the time.

4) Dragged away from Devon again by Olivia who I find out is 3 weeks pregnant and she had no idea who the baby“s Father is. Save for the handkerchief she “stole“ from him with the initials B.C.P

5) An unknown guy turns up at our door a few minutes of me finding out Olivia is pregnant and happens to not only work for Alexander who has been out looking for me since I disappeared while grocery shopping but is also Olivia“s one night stand and the Father of her child.

6)Things got emotional and all in all, he wanted to take responsibility for her and his child though I feel he“s a bit possessive...Olivia doesn“t seem to mind.

7) Angry Alexander comes into the picture and gets all handsy with me, then gets accused by Olivia of loving me and he drags me out of our apartment and into his car.

8) Arri

Danny is calm and asleep once more, I place him in his cot once more and go off to the bathroom to change into a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. Ignoring the tense air between Alexander and me, I go under the covers and try to relax as Alexander gets changed.

"Goodnight," He tells me, slipping into his side of the bed, switching off the light.

"Goodnight," I mutter, the scene from just now replaying itself in my head over and over again like a broken tape recorder. My cheeks heat up when he slides his arm around my waist, cuddling me to him.

"Olivia was right this afternoon," he whispers to me, his nose brushing my neck softly as he inhales my scent. "I“m confused, very confused. I“ve never been this confused before, not even when I was with Lillian. What are you doing to me?"

I could say the same for you, Holt. What am I doing? I was never like this before. He“s changing me and I don“t know if it“s for the better or for the worst. How on earth did I go from hating his guts to loving my heart out then getting heartbroken then falling in love once more in one engagement? An arranged one too!

God...I“m so tired...

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